Tuesday, June 21, 2016

PCT MM1491 To MM1475, Squaw Valley Creek

PCT MM1491 To MM1475 View of mt Shasta  0621160831_HDR PCT MM1491 To MM1475 0621160907_HDR
Tuesday: (06/21) Another Mt Shasta View. On the way up the hill I kept hearing bulldozers and chain saws. On the mountain across the valley is an example of the logging activity. The log little circles every few years and it seems to work more naturally the clear cutting.
PCT MM1491 To MM1475 Squaw  Creek 0621161220a_HDR PCT MM1491 To MM1475 Flowers 0621161246b_HDR
Long lunch and foot soak at Squaw Valley Creek. Met Frodo and Samwise section hikers hiking from Truckee. Lots of little bumble bees and yellow butterflies.
PCT MM1491 To MM1475 Flowers 0621161247a_HDR PCT MM1491 To MM1475 Squaw Valley Creek 0621161352_HDR
Camped at MM1475. Enough mosquitoes to carry me and the tent away. Some hotter exposed trail today. Lots more overgrown trail as well.

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