Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Painting Prep Begins

Saturday: (02/08) A nice relaxing morning. I went through the pile in my office filing and such. Dawn was off to a Storytellers Winter Conference. Lou and I went to lunch at my Lucky Chinese Bistro then went shopping for a few things. Leftover artichoke soup for dinner.


Sunday: (02/09) Mostly, I relaxed inside all day. We had high winds. I was so relaxed I don't remember any breakfast. We had banana pudding for lunch. Lou made sausage with potatoes and sauerkraut for dinner.

Monday: (02/10) A nice La Victoria breakfast burrito to start. I installed some contact paper on the window where the cooler is and which doesn’t have a pull down shade. I also cleaned the windows. Then I worked at stripping the paint from near the windows of Dawn;s room. While getting my tools together I discovered I was missing the hose for the vacuum. I had taken it up to Palo Alto for one of Lou’s projects and it didn’t return. She couldn’t find it when I called. I just worked on the lowest part of the wall and used a broom and pan to cleanup. It was too windy to work higher up. I had guacamole with crackers for lunch. I went to the Tropicana Chinese Buffet for dinner. Haven’t been there before. It was high priced and not a great variety but they did have my favorite coconut shrimp. After dinner, I decided to head home to Palo Alto and try to find the, or a hose for the vacuum. No luck finding the hose at home.

Tuesday: (02/11) Lou made some sausage sauerkraut potato hash and eggs for breakfast. I spent some time looking further for the elusive vacuum hose. I did locate some hoses that will have to do but not the long 2.5” hose I need. I also brought my tool locker out of the tent. I’ll clean it up and bring it to San Jose next week. It will get some of the tools and materials off of the apartment floor. I stopped at Harbor Freight and at Lowe’s on Ridder Park in San Jose looking for a hose replacement. I finally ordered the replacement on Amazon. Not the old one will show up. I moved all the tree trimmings I made last week into the street for pickup on garbage day. Leftover chow fun noodles and banana pudding for lunch. After lunch I napped. Not a productive day.

Wednesday: (02/12) In the morning I attended my Wednesday webinar. Later, I worked stripping paint from the house. Some progress was made. Granola and banana for breakfast. Spaghetti for lunch. Chicken with artichoke and rice for dinner.

Thursday: (02/13) I made pancakes with jam and sausage for breakfast. I did a little more pruning of the trees in the front yard and stripped some more paint. I managed to get a chai latte around 1100. Usually I try after the place is closed. I also got to watch the fire department drive their big hook and ladder truck through the barriers that keep mere mortals from getting through with anything bigger than a UPS truck. We’ve seen many bad drivers roll over the curbs and a bus get high centers on the curb. They went through both forward and also backing. For lunch I had some leftover sauerkraut potatoes and sausage. I came home after a shower. Lou and Dawn had a meeting at Stanford then we went to dinner at Hobee’s restaurant.

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