Monday, February 3, 2020

Preparing My Nest

Monday: (02/03) Granola for breakfast. I loaded the car and headed off. I stopped at Walmart to pick up my order, a replacement box of tea. Then on to Lowe’s in Sunnyvale to return an extra valve from the RV toilet installation. I then stopped by the County Admin building at Hedding Street. I needed to see the benefits section to deliver a form. It turns out the section moved out of that building a couple of weeks ago. I went to their new location and learned that the form I had was an incorrect one for what they needed. I finally made it to the apartment. I brought the stuff I brought inside. I setup the computer and spent some time online getting and delivering the proper form to the County. I took inventory of what I might need and returned home. I got a late lunch at Lucky Chinese Bistro on the way home. I collected some things and loaded the car. Lou and Dawn had a class at The Little House in Menlo Park on balance.

Tuesday: (02/04) Granola and banana for breakfast. I drove down to San Jose after loading the car. I did some shopping on the way down. I spent the day cleaning up the apartment and moving in. Lunch at La Victoria Taqueria. I had to return to Walmart for a few more things for the apartment. Black bean soup and toast for dinner.

Wednesday: (02/05) Up at 0700 for my granola and banana breakfast. I started cleanup outside the San Jose house to make room to strip the paint. I had to go back to Palo Alto to get my chain saws and other yard tools to get rid of a lot of sucker trees from next to the house. On the way back, I stopped at Lucky Chinese Bistro for lunch. Back at the house I removed several trees and cut them up and placed them in the street for pickup tomorrow. Lou arrived at the apartment as I was gone and was waiting for Dawn to get through with her appointment at the Tech Museum to review their accessible signage. She departed as I was finishing up. I planned to go over to the nearby coffee shop and get a chai latte and relax. I learned they are closed by 1630 when I arrived. Darn. After a shower I had to relax without my tea. Leftovers for dinner.

Thursday: (02/06) Granola and banana for breakfast. I worked inside on the taxes all morning. After leftover artichoke chicken and rice for lunch, I went outside. I pruned one of the orange trees, removed the rest of the apple tree. I decided the apple tree was not growing above the graft but from the root stock. Not having it in the way at all will be much better. I also removed the rest of the sucker trees in the back yard, i cut them all up and piled them up under an orange tree. Today was the compost pickup so all i put out last night was picked up. All this new stuff i’ll put out next Wednesday. Alter putting everything away I took a shower and packed up and headed home. At home Lou and I picked Dawn at Stanford where she attended a lecture on exoskeletons and then we stopped for dinner at The Corner Cafe for salad.

Car use: Return trip from SJ to PA

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