Monday, June 22, 2020

Baylands Bike Ride

Monday: (06/22) Lou’s blueberry pudding cake for breakfast. I took a nice bike ride this morning. First to Ace Hardware for d=some bolts. Then on to the baylands then back to downtown Mountain View then on to downtown Los Altos then home. About 10 miles. A pastrami and cheese sandwich for lunch. I tinkered a little, mostly trying to securely attach the handrail to the RV. I didn’t have any lunch and needed longer bolts so later in the afternoon I drove back to Ace with Lou and got longer bolts.. I managed to get it secured. Not as good as I had hoped but better. Unfortunately the bolts have to go through the wall at an angle to be able to get the nut on inside. Lou and I picked all the apricots from our tree. Not too many, about a gallon of them. Hamburger and corn on the cob for dinner.

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