Monday, June 29, 2020

Ferndale Fairgrounds

Monday: (06/29) We finished loading the RV and hooked up the Jeep and were on the road about 1000. We stopped for a break in Ukiah for a look at Friedman's building material and at TSC. Another stop for a nap about 60 miles south of Ferndale. We arrived at the Ferndale Fairgrounds about 1900. The Jack's on the RV failed again . Something to look into tomorrow. Granola for breakfast. Leftover sauerkraut and potatoes with sausage for lunch. Crackers cheese and pastrami for dinner.

Tuesday: (06/30) After breakfast we took a drive out West of the Fairgrounds past the farms looking at cows. We ended up going to the end of the road to the Lost Coast Headlands, It is a small BLM preserve of about 485 acres on the coast with bluffs and beaches. It has some short trails which I may hake tomorrow. We then went up to Eureka and had lunch, visited a couple of thrift stores then returned home. Lou and Dawn went to the bank. While out we purchased a new WiFi USB dongle for Dawn’s computer. Her internal Wifi failed and now the USB dongle on it was intermittent. The new one fixed the problem. 


Lou made an oven omelet for breakfast. We stopped for lunch at the Golden Harvest restaurant in Eureka. Lou made John Wayne Specials for dinner. Basically fried eggs with steak rancheros.

Wednesday: (07/01) Leftovers for breakfast. Dawn had her Wednesday writing class and I had my Wednesday AlphaAnywhere Webinar. Lou was watching streaming TV. Our cell modem managed to keep up with all our needs. Pastrami and cheese sandwich for lunch. About 1600 we all headed off to Piersen’s Hardware to look around. Then we visited the COOP Market and got a few things. Pulled pork sandwiches for dinner. Evidently my cousin Dennis was in the area and stopped by for a visit while we were out.

Thursday: (07/02) Nice 13.5 mile collected hike today. I hiked Fleener Creek and Guthrie Creek Trails in the Lost Coast Headlands. I also hiked Russ Park trails in Ferndale. It's been unusually windy around here. The Lost Coast headlands is the beginning of the Lost Coast (where the Highway 1 goes inland for more than 70 miles). It was an old "Secret" Centerville Beach Navy base looking for submarines. They supposedly had about 500 enlisted people there. It's all gone now and restored as Bureau of Land Management lands now. In the olden days it was a dairy area that served Eureka. Granola for breakfast. My usual tuna salad and crackers trail snack lunch. When I got home about 1315 I had some chili beans for lunch. We had salmon with rice and grilled veggies for dinner. 











Friday: (07/03) Biscuits and gravy for breakfast. We went off to Fortuna to shop at the market there. After lunch, we took a drive out to Petrolia and Mathole. Where the Mathole River meets the sea there is a campground and the Northern trailhead for the Lost Coast Trail. We looked around the campground and took a short walk on the beach. We then took a 4 wheel drive road out to the Punta Gordo Lighthouse. I took a walk down the cliff for about ½ mile until I could see the lighthouse about ½ mile further down the beach. Using that trailhead and the one at the river I might be able to do day hikes of a good portion of the Lost Coast. We then took the road back to Highway 101 and home. Leftovers for dinner.




Saturday: (07/04) A relaxing day at th fairgrounds today. Ferndale had a ,sort of, virtual parade. The fire trucks, tractors and whatever drove around town, which included in front of our RV at the Fairgrounds. A lazy man’s way to watch a parade. We also took a walk out to the barns and chatted with some horses and the barn cat. Leftover biscuits with jam for breakfast. Chips and salsa for lunch. We took a drive into Eureka in the late afternoon. It was an attempt to visit Winco market but they were way too busy. We also drove the streets looking at houses and stopped at Spotlight Video for Dawn to look around. Steak with baked potatoes for dinner.

Sunday: (07/05) Granola and ham for breakfast. We took a nice walk around the fairgrounds and said hello to the horses in the barn.Shower day. Tuna salad sandwich for lunch. A relaxing day at home watching the weekenders leave. Shrimp and pasta in white sauce for dinner.

Monday: (07/06) Another nice hike today. Unfortunately I forgot my phone/camera back at the RV so no photos. Suffice it to say it was one of the most beautiful redwood forest walks I've done. Imagine a green Big Basin. The forest floor was lush green and the hike started at the tallest tree in the world (363 feet tall) It is unceremoniously called the Giant Tree. A couple of years ago we were talking to a ranger who said it really isn't the tallest anymore. They found one taller deep in the forest. Hopefully this link to AllTrails works for everyone and they can see the map and related photos. I figure I hiked a mile or so more because I started at the "R" in redwood on the map hiking over to the green dot. The trail up to Johnson Camp was a nice even grade up. The trail down on Grasshopper Trail was a dirt road. Bull Creek Trail that parallels the road was also through nice forest including those big trees. Granola for breakfast. The usual trail snacks for lunch. Chili beans for afternoon linner. Snacks for dinner.

Tuesday: (07/07) Granola for breakfast. We headed off to Winco to do some shopping. We don’t have a Winco near us so we got some things that we don’t normally see. We then went downtown to look around some. Next stop was Arcata. Lou had ordered a pie from Humboldt Pies. Then we returned home and relaxed the rest of the day. Donuts for lunch. Ham and cheese sandwich for dinner.

Wednesday: (07/08) I prepared a nice ham and eggs breakfast with home fried potatoes this morning. I had my Wednesday webinar and Dawn had her Wednesday writing class in the morning. We were through with the webinar and class and on the road about 1145. With a stop for gas and a visit to Friedman Brothers Hardware to pick up a few things we noticed on our way up, we made it home about 1945. Again that darned Left jack failed. I did tank duty and will look into the jack problem tomorrow. Ernie had another LPG alarm error. Seems his new battery is low. Looks like possibly his converter is dying. Ham and cheese sandwich for lunch. We enjoyed Lou’s slow cooker roast beast dinner that she cooked on the road home.

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