Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Typical Week and Trip Preparation

Tuesday: (06/23) Leftover hash and eggs for breakfast. Another not too productive tinkering day. I helped Dawn with her formatting of the book she’s writing. Word can do a lot but often has its own idea of what you want. I also helped Lou join a video conference she had to attend. Cottage cheese and apricots for lunch. Hamburger for dinner.

Wednesday: (06/24) I attended my Wednesday AlphaAnywhere webinar this morning. I tinkered in the yard. I moved some plants and cleared in front of and below Ernie’s trailer in preparation to install and replace the bricks. I had to do some mods to the drip for the relocated plants. I received my driveway ramps today. They, hopefully, will allow the RV to get through the gutter without dragging the rear jacks. Also received a new DVD player for the living room but the remote doesn’t work. Now to contact the vendor. Granola and banana for breakfast. Chili size for lunch with a pastrami sandwich. Dawn’s vegetable soup/stew for dinner.

Thursday: (06/25) Lou had another webinar. I was off to the dentist office for an 1100 appointment. I haven’t had my teeth cleaned in about 14 months. Delayed due to couldn’t be done within six months of my stent installation and then Covid-19 Shelter In Place. Nice to get it done again. Totally different than pre Covid-19. Lou and Dawn had theirs done in the afternoon. I enjoyed a nice afternoon nap. We all took an early evening walk before dinner. Apricot cobbler for breakfast. Dim sum for lunch from Dim Sum King. Leftover vegetable stew for dinner.

Friday: (06/26) Lou and I were off grocery shopping early. When we got home we had leftover broccoli chorizo omelet for breakfast. I then headed off for a hike. I hiked through Monte Bello, Skyline and Long Ridge Open Space Preserves on the Grizzly Flats, Canyon, Skid Road, Horseshoe and Bay Area Ridge Trail. A little warm. These afternoon hikes don’t get the benefit of cooler mornings. I started about 1215 and finished at 1615 on this 9.7 mile hike. I had my tuna salad snack lunch on a bridge over Stevens Creek. On my way home I stopped at Smart and Final for another apple pie and some granola for our trip. We plan to be on the road Monday heading toward Ferndale. Leftover Dawn’s soup/stew again this evening. 


Saturday: (06/27) I studied the lay of the land for the bricks under Ernie’s trailer and determined the drain lines needed. I also moved one of the supports and lifted the hitch jack to provide work clearance. I then took the jeep over to get an oil change at our nearby 9 Minute Oil Change. Next on the todo list today was to replace a couple of broken vinyl straps on one of our yard chairs. It took many attempts because the pins that attach the ends kept breaking. Then a nice afternoon nap and somehow the day was gone. I made home fried potato hash with smoked pork chops and eggs for breakfast. Leftover dim sum and strawberry donuts for lunch. Lou made pork with potatoes and sauerkraut for dinner. 

Sunday: (06/28) Leftover hash for breakfast. Ham and cheese sandwich for lunch. Shepherd's pie for dinner. I worked on the RV installing a circuit breaker shield for the main breaker for the RV was tripped when I loaded the chaise lounges back into the compartment, since we now have one extra one. Otherwise I relaxed in the yard and enjoyed the garden.

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