Monday, August 17, 2020

Baylands Explorations

Monday: (08/17) Waffles and sausage for breakfast. I took a bike ride out to the Palo Alto Baylands and Bixbee Park this morning. Only a couple of hours. It was nice outside with the breeze in my face, especially since we are having these extremely high temperature days. Green Pea salad for lunch. Chili beans for dinner with toast and apple pie. I received my new phone this afternoon and went to my local T-Mobile office to setup an account and transfer our phones. Mine was easy, getting Lou and Dawn from Verizon was difficult. I eventually succeeded getting theirs started about 2100.

Tuesday: (08/18) PBJ toast for breakfast. We relaxed in the yard in the morning. Later we all drove over the mountain to Santa Cruz. We stopped at the San Lorenzo nursery, in particular to look at plants. They have the best selection of plants of any nursery anywhere nearby. They also have an excellently stocked hardware and lumber store. Next stop, of course, was a stop at a thrift store. They on downtown for a look around the Santa Cruz Bookstore. We had lunch at the Walnut Cafe. Wonderful food there. Finally we headed up Highway One toward Half moon bay. Near Waddell Beach, lots of smoke and flames on the hill and the beaches were still packed with people. It was actually burning the shrubs and grass on one side of the road and had a packed beach on the other side. Santa Cruz was hot at 87 degrees. Only 71 degrees above Davenport. 66 degrees in Half Moon Bay. Also from Santa Cruz up to above Waddell Beach the smoke clouds were brown and the ocean water looked brown as well. Not pretty. We received an evacuation notice text message as we passed through. Back home to the heat we enjoyed the Democratic Convention on TV.

Wednesday: (08/19) Waffles and sausage for breakfast. I attended my Wednesday AlphaAnywhere webinar this morning. Lou prepared roasted tomatoes and bacon for “make your own” sandwiches for lunch. After lunch Lou and I went shopping at Sprout’s market and Target. I spent the rest of the afternoon tinkering on the computer in the RV. We have serious air pollution now due to a huge fire in the mountains between us and the ocean. We passed it yesterday when it was much smaller. Evidently 10x bigger today. Weird orange skies and ashes falling everywhere. This along with our unusually hot weather make for fun times. Dawn made some fish over rice for dinner.

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