Saturday, August 29, 2020

Bad Air Daze

Saturday: (08/29) Leftover blintzes and sausage for breakfast. Another bad air day. I tinkered on the computer in my man cafe (RV) Chili for lunch. Lou picked up dinner from Harry’s Hofbrau in Redwood City. the usual prime rib for them and lasagna for me. Meatballs with squash for dinner.

Sunday: (08/30) A bad air day. I tinkered on the computer all day in the RV. I did get called into service to replace a broken pipe and faucet at the neighbor’s house. She had gotten the replacement faucet but her son in-law couldn’t get the faucet replaced. I did get it off but the pipe nipple was broken. Fortunate for her, I had the replacement nipple that was needed. I got it from the recycle bin. I emptied a crate of old used pipe fittings I’ve collected over the years into the bin this morning and they would have been gone in a couple of days. I haven't gotten into the box in the last 15 years so I figured I didn’t need the contents. Granola and diced apple for breakfast. Leftover lasagna for lunch. 

Monday: (08/31) Another bad air day. Granola for breakfast. We all took a shopping drive today. No big reason, just a need to get out. I did need a couple of pipe fittings. We stopped at Lowe’s in Sunnyvale, Target in San Jose Westgate, Big Lots in Sunnyvale, and a few thrift stores. We had lunch at Aqui Mexican Restaurant in Cupertino. That brought us home near 1600. I took a nap due to the exhausting day. Dawn made pasta with salmon and broccoli for dinner.

Tuesday: (09/01) I prepared a nice ham and eggs with home fried potatoes breakfast this morning. The air is bad again today so it’s a do nothing day inside. I spent the morning in the house and the afternoon in the RV, just for variety. Lou picked up salads from our nearby Corner Bakery Cafe. Ham and cheese sandwich for dinner. 

Wednesday: (09/02) I walked over to Happy Donut and got a sausage egg and cheese English muffin and a fritter. A nice cheat day. It’s another bad day. I drove Lou to an appointment at Kaiser in the morning. We picked up lunch at the First Wok Chinese restaurant in Sunnyvale on the way home. I installed a grab rail by our kitchen/garage door. With those exhausting tasks completed I needed a nap. Dawn made some vegetable soup for dinner. I really need for the air to get better so Lou will let me outside more.

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