Saturday, August 8, 2020

Back Home for more Shelter In Place

 Saturday: (08/08) PBJ toast for breakfast. I relaxed all day. I didn’t even get dressed until late afternoon. I did give myself a beard and haircut this evening. For dinner, I made stuffed pepper rice. Actually green peppers from the garden, cut into chunks with onions, ground beef and chorizo. 

Sunday: (08/09) PBJ toast for breakfast. I did a little gardening in the morning. Later, I took the bike out for a spin. I rode over to Stanford and looked around the Arizona Cactus Garden. I also stopped at Coupa Cage for my Tiger Chai Latte. I then rode through Old Palo Alto and through East Palo Alto to the newly opened section of the Bay Trail. I returned via Los Altos Taqueria and picked up a late lunch. Unfortunately, no dining in was available so I had to improvise how to carry my lunch. I ended up tying it under my seat so it could remain upright. I stopped at Mitchell Park to eat my lunch. For dinner we picked up some burgers from Jack In The Box. 




Monday: (08/10) I managed to enjoy wasting another fine day. I fixed a couple of thing on Dawn’s computer. I got called over to the neighbors house to repair her back door lock. Granola with banana for breakfast. Leftover peppers with rice for lunch. Leftover spaghetti for dinner. 

Tuesday: (08/11) I drove down to San Jose with a few things I’ll be needing down there, if I’m ever able to work on the paint job again. On the way I stopped at Lowe’s for a few things like some primer, bondo and a blind for the kitchen window. I dropped all the stuff off at the house and loaded up all my food and some tools since I won’t be staying here much in the near future. May just drive down to do a few tasks, mostly siding repairs. Split boards and some holes and chips. I had lunch there. Back home I put everything away. A nice afternoon nap and the day was done. I’ll have to return to get my canned and dry food which I forgot to get. It’s not too perishable though. Granola and banana for breakfast. Ham and cheese sandwich for lunch. Leftover peppers with rice for dinner.

Wednesday: (08/12) In the afternoon I worked a little on the paver installation by Ernie’s trailer. First I have to remove a bunch of red bricks and then relocate some plumbing and finally raise the grade to drain properly and install the pavers. I removed some of the bricks and dug out enough baserock to determine where the drain line is and if it can be easily relocated. It can be. Also the water and sprinkler piping can be easily relocated as well as the gray water drain pipe. 

Granola and banana for breakfast. Chili for lunch. 

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