Friday, August 14, 2020

Interesting Summer Rainstorm In High Temps

Friday: (08/14) I made home fried potato and ham hash with fried eggs for breakfast. Since today the high temp will be near 100 degrees I ran all the sprinklers for the plants and lawn an extra time this morning. I drove to my nearby t-Mobile store to check on their senior phone plans and on bringing Lou and Dawn’s phones with my new phone to be to T-Mobile. No problems and it will be even cheaper than I had thought at less than half what we now pay for less. I picked up lunch, sandwiches at Subway, on the way home. I was relaxing in the RV and Lou came out to rescue me because she thought 97 degrees was hot. I relaxed in the cool of the house, just for her the rest of the afternoon. Lou made a ham and pea salad for dinner. 

Saturday: (08/15) A relaxing day inside out of the 100 degree weather today. I did organize some of my recent photos. Maybe I can get them up on the blog. Leftover hash and eggs for breakfast. Cottage cheese and peaches for lunch. Instapot non-skewer dinner.

Sunday: (08/16) We were awakened by thunder and lightning with heavy showers. Leftover chili on bread and some peaches for breakfast. My morning was spent working on clearing the drain for our kitchen sink and our laundry sink. It took all morning to get it open. After a good shower due to the mess of drain cleaning and sweat caused by the high temperature, we headed off to get some Chinese food for lunch from the China Bistro. Dinner from Subway Sandwich shop.

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