Monday, August 30, 2021

Back Home, Watching Wilton Court

Monday: (08/30) I unloaded some items from the car, things we bought on our trip. My best treasures were a 4’ reach pruning nipper. I even tried it out on the wisteria and it works nicely. I also got a 3” trench shovel. I have a 4” shovel but having the 3” saves removing 25% of the dirt for a trench and I have some trench needed for the rear lawn sprinklers. Then I had to go down the street and check out what they accomplished in my absence. Quite a lot. They completed the first floor concrete walls and had most of the deck place to pour the second level floor. Today they were removing the last of the wall forms and pouring the front, ground level floor. I got my breakfast from Tacos El Grullense, some nice steak rancheros. Back home I repotted all the fuchsias we bought on our trip. I also did some trimming and cleanup in the yard. It was a late breakfast so no lunch. I also made a run to the market. Lou and Dawn were out this morning for appointments. Lou made steak soup for dinner.

Tuesday: (08/31) Leftover steak rancheros over a tortilla for breakfast. Ham and cheese sandwich for lunch. I spent a lot of time watching the Largo Concrete crew installing the rest of the second floor deck. They got it all in so I expect they will be installing the rebar tomorrow. The floor is 15,000 sf. After lunch I made a couple of trips to the city mulch pile and laid mulch over the top of my newest garden around the artichoke plants. Stuffed squash for dinner.

Wednesday: (09/01) Yogurt with granola for breakfast. Chinese food from China Bistro for lunch and leftovers for dinner. I had a dental appointment in the morning and also had to “supervise” the construction going on down the street.

Thursday: (09/02) Granola and yogurt for breakfast. Tomato, ham and cheese sandwich for lunch. Hamburger for dinner. More project “supervision” today. I also dug and installed the last rear lawn sprinkler pipe near the oak tree.

Friday: (09/03) Granola and yogurt for breakfast. I worked in the yard pulling weeds and trimming plants. I also harvested my corn and removed the plants. Tomato, ham and cheese sandwich for lunch. I picked all my corn today. All cobs were undersized and most incomplete kernels. We did have enough for dinner tonight as well as a single serving for later. We each had three little cobs. We also had roast chicken and baked potatoes. Lou and Dawn were out for an appointment and did some grocery shopping as well.

Saturday: (09/04) Lou made breakfast burritos for breakfast. I designed a new hike and scheduled it for next Tuesday. I also scheduled a doctor's appointment for Thursday. We developed a water leak in my newest garden plot. I dug out the water line before it went under the new garden and installed a shutoff valve so the rest of the yard can still have water. When it dries out I’ll find and repair the leak. Lou cleared a space in the garage and I moved the new small chest freezer to where our washer used to be located. Lou and Dawn picked up lunch from Harry’s Hofbrau in Redwood City. I took Lou to Kaiser for a visit in the evening. Leftover lasagna for dinner.

Sunday: (09/05) Granola and yogurt for breakfast. Dawn found a Teeter exercise machine in Clovis, about 180 miles away. Price and value made the trip worthwhile. We arrived about 1245 and loaded it onto the Jeep's hitch rack. After that we got gas at Costco then visited Lou’s niece Rene nearby. Lunch at Togo’s sandwich shop in Fresno. Then we headed off toward home. Home about 1900. Bologna and cheese sandwich for dinner.

Monday: (09/06) Morning tea in the yard. I made corned beef hash and scrambled eggs for breakfast. I tinkered a little in the yard trimming and weeding. It was a warm day so I retired into the RV early. Lou made a Waldorf pear salad for lunch. She used the Asia pears from our tree. Roast chicken with rice and artichokes for dinner.

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