Sunday, August 22, 2021

Eureka For The Humboldt Fair

Sunday: (08/22) We delayed breakfast and prepared to roll. We departed about 0825 heading North toward Eureka via Highway 280. Traffic was light and he headed through San Francisco on 19th Ave to the GG bridge. We stopped in Petaluma at the Friedman Brothers Hardware store. After leftover corned beef hash and cottage cheese for breakfast, we explored the store. Of course we found lots of interesting stuff we’ll need to get as we pass through on our return. We continued on after a stop for gas and lunch from the snack bar at Costco in Ukiah. We pulled into the Redwood Acres Fairgrounds and settled into our site. After a quick walk around the fairgrounds we had leftovers for dinner.

Monday: (08/23) We explored the area today. I walked around including the North end of the waterfront trail. Lou and Dawn were busy exploring the thrift stores. They picked me up for a late lunch just before 1400. We had lunch then returned to the RV. Our visit turned into afternoon naps. In the evening we took a walk with the RV Park manager and visited many of the cats around the stables learning each of their names and particulars like age and habits. We also learned about several of the horses including one that had sleep apnea. It rested it’ head on the stable door, fell asleep and woke with a start when it’s head pressed too hard on the door. We also met a couple of the deer that live around the stables. Lou made scrambled eggs with red peppers and mushrooms for breakfast. We had lunch at the Soup Company restaurant. Leftover chicken artichokes for dinner.

Tuesday: (08/24) Granola and diced apple for breakfast. I took a short exploratory hiker in the Community Forest next to the Fairgrounds RV Park where we’re staying. Looks like a really nice place for a longer hike. The forest goes for miles either way from the Fairgrounds. We headed out after noon and stopped for lunch at the Golden Harvest Cafe. Then we were off to Ferndale to see the Humboldt County Fair. It was, unexpectedly, free admission day. Due to to covid times, there weren’t too many people there. Also not too much to see. Usually this is a great country fair so it was rather disappointing. We finished looking around a little after 1500. We returned to Eureka and looked around one of our favorite hardware stores, Pierson Building Center. They have a great tool shop as well as an excellent nursery. Back home it was leftovers for dinner.

Wednesday: (08/25) Granola and banana for breakfast. Our morning endeavor was to visit the Winco market where we over bought groceries. Back home, we had tamales for lunch. Lou and Dawn then went out thrifting including all the way up to Arcata. They stopped for gas at Costco on their return where they spotted a 2007 short tall Sprinter van for sale. Basically what I’m looking for but I’d actually prefer a lower mileage, not diesel van. Perfect otherwise. Only $8500. I had remained at home relaxing. Leftovers for dinner.

Thursday: (08/26) French toast and sausage for breakfast. I headed off about 1000 for a walk in the McKay Community Forest, also known as the Eureka Community forest. It’s an 18000 acre preserve adjacent to Eureka. There is a trailhead for it next to the Redwood Acres Fairground where we’re staying. I hiked out one side and back the other. Most of the trail is primitive or logging road. There are lots of trails but no trail markings and finding the proper route is a challenge. There is a lot of beautiful forest, quite amazing considering it is surrounded by a lot of residential areas. I could hear nothing except the forest on my hike. There is logging underway in the preserve, not today but as recent as the day before yesterday. My return route passed through several patches that were being logged. I was back about 1330. After a shower and a sandwich for lunch I relaxed the rest of the afternoon. Lou and Dawn were out shopping and thrifting. Tamales for dinner.

Friday: (08/27) I made ham and eggs with pan toast for breakfast. We headed off to Arcata today. While Dawn explored the book stores, Lou and I explored the hardware and Coop market. We all had lunch at the Slice Of Humboldt Pie shop. Started with desert and then meat pies. After lunch I headed out to the Arcata Marsh for a walk around the ponds and slough. Lots of nice blackberries by the trail. The march is part of the sewer treatment facility for the city. Really a nice nature sanctuary though. Back home we had macaroni and cheese for dinner.

Saturday: (08/28) Leftovers macaroni and cheese for breakfast. Pizza and a donut for lunch at Don’s Pizza and Donut Shop in Arcata. I checked out the Arcata farmers Market. Later I took a short walk in the Arcata Community Forest. I stopped by the Slice Of Humboldt Pie shop and bought some day old hand pies for Lou and Dawn. I had chili for dinner.

Sunday: (08/29) Leftover French toast and sausage for breakfast. We were on the road by 0900 to return home. We stopped in Ukiah for gas and lunch. Another stop in Santa Rosa for Dawn to see the Schultz Gift Shop and Lou and I to take a nap. Another stop in Redwood City for gas, then home. Lou made Shepherd’s pie for dinner.

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