Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Water Line To New Front Garden

 Wednesday: (08/11) Lou made ham steak and eggs with avocado for breakfast. I attended my usual Wednesday webinar. I did a little work outside digging out to expose the pipe I need to connect for the new garden faucet. Lou and I headed off to Lowe’s for some pipe fittings I’ll be needing. We also visited a new gas station in Sunnyvale where the gas is a dollar cheaper than our nearby stations and 30 cents less than any others near it. The GasBuddy app is handy sometimes. Then more relaxing. Leftovers for lunch and dinner.

Thursday: (08/12) Granola and banana for breakfast. I hooked up and tested the water line to the new front garden. Then backfilled base rock by the porch where I removed brick tiles and connected the water line to the garden. I’ll be pouring concrete over that. Then I loaded the car with 13 buckets of dirt and headed off to the dump. On the way home I picked up concrete at Lowe’s to pour tomorrow. Back home, I put away all my tools and supplies from the project. Super Taqueria burrito for lunch. Tuna green salad for dinner.

Friday: (08/13) Granola and a banana for breakfast. A nice family drive up El Camino Real. We stopped for lunch in Millbrae and Neal’s Cafe. We then continued North then West to Pacifica and Down to Half Moon Bay. We stopped at several nurseries and bought plants for the garden. Chili beans and sausage for dinner.

Saturday: (08/14) Bacon (Jerky) with fried eggs and toast for breakfast. I heard pork prices were going to skyrocket so I bought several bacon jerky packages. Actually cheaper than bacon itself and ready to eat. A nice morning tinkering in the garden and rear yard. I cleaned off my shop outside workbench that has collected junk from several recent projects. In the afternoon I went to Kaiser for an appointment. I spent some time on Amazon ordering material for the drip system. In the evening I scheduled my Tuesday hike for next week. Leftovers for lunch. Lou made artichoke chicken over mashed potatoes for dinner.

Sunday: (08/15) A relaxing Sunday morning watching the morning TV shows. Then outside for some tinkering in the yard. I intended to pour my concrete but instead digging out the opposite side of the front steps and drilling and setting pins in the edge of the concrete to connect the new and old took up enough of the day to think it was too hot to be out. Lou made ham and eggs for breakfast. Lou made a green tuna salad for lunch. Leftover chicken over rice for dinner.

Monday: (08/16) Granola and banana for breakfast. I mixed and poured the concrete for the former flower beds adjacent to the front porch. I completed the final finishing and cleanup about 1400. Then I gave myself a beard trim and a shower, then relaxed the rest of the day. A hot dog sandwich for lunch. Lou made bean noodles with mushrooms and a guacamole and pico de gallo sauce for dinner.

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