Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Portola SP, Peter's Creek Loop

Tuesday: (08/03) The usual hikers breakfast from Happy Donut. I headed up to Portola Redwoods State Park for a hike. I led a San Jose Mid-week Hikers Group hike to the Peters Creek Grove. It was a 13.5 mile hike with a 2112' ascent that included a look at the old Page Mill site and the Old Tree. It was a warm day but the shade of the trees made it quite nice. It is another favorite hike of mine, and so close. This was a champion group. Everyone who was signed up last night, arrived in plenty of time to start our hike on-time. Group stayed together, mostly, and even braved some poison oak. While I promised a leisurely pace, we actually ended up with an average moving speed of 2.7 mph. About 13.5 miles, 2112' ascent. When I made it back to town I got gas in the car. It was nearing empty when I started out to the hike. I picked up lunch from Los Altos Taqueria before going home. I ate lunch after my shower about 1600. No dinner needed.

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