Friday, April 1, 2022


Friday: (04/01) Lou made fried eggs with leftover roast pork and toast for breakfast. I prepared a new hike route for Tuesday’s hike. I’ll post it tomorrow morning. Lou made sauteed mixed vegetables with leftover roast pork for lunch. I drove down to Lowe’s and bought some mulch for my garden. I also stopped by Ave and made some returns as well as bought a new toilet fill valve. Dawn made chicken with rice for dinner followed by chocolate Moose.

Saturday: (04/02) Rice and diced apple for breakfast in the backyard. I rode the bike over to the Grocery Outlet and bought milk and salads. We had salads with sausage for lunch. Lou and I disassembled the temporary tent by her garden. Dinner from Harry’s Hofbrau. Lou and Dawn had their prime rib and I had lasagna. In the evening I started filling in our tax forms. Went pretty smooth with all the information previously collected. Only a couple of items to resolve.

Sunday: (04/03) Leftover chili baked potato for breakfast. I did a little washing of the used tarps from the removed tent. Lou and I made an ACE hardware run for a few things. Back home I replaced the TP holder in the RV bathroom. The original would only hold single rolls which are rather rare anymore. The new one holds the current mega rolls. Leftover cabbage sausage salad for lunch. Also today was tank duty day for the RV. Time to take dare of the dootie. Lou prepared fish with fries and baked zucchini.

Monday: (04/04) Leftover lasagna for breakfast. I finished cleaning the last tarp and added some clamps to my critter screens in my garden to allow it to hinge up to open as needed for garden maintenance. Sill no seedlings spotted. I rode my bike over to Grocery Outlet to get lunch. Salad for lunch.

Tuesday: (04/05) Ham and cheese egg breakfast sandwiches to start the day. I led a hike at Monte Bello and Los Trancos Open Space Preserves. It was a new route that covered most of the most interesting bits of those two preserves while being only 6.5 miles and having 1000’ of climb. We finished at 1159 having started at 0930, a fast hike. Nice weather and nice bird songs and stream sounds to enhance the hike. Only 9 hikers. After the hike I stopped by the China Wok restaurant for some fried rice and coconut shrimp. Lou and Dawn were over at Stanford University for a couple of appointments and lunch. Dawn made an interesting stew like dinner with artichokes, olives, potatoes, sausage, tomatoes and who knows what else with poached eggs on top. Tasty.

Wednesday: (04/06) Rice with diced apple for breakfast. A little yard tinkering, weeding out some sucker trees from the beds, installed the new hose rack by the garden shed. I also harvested the first purple artichoke. Even though it is small, it looks like itis starting to open up. So i sliced it off nd left the other two on that plant. I attended my Wednesday webinar. Leftover salad with Chinese fried rice and shrimp for lunch. A little yard tinkering and a little computer time. Lou made artichoke chicken over rice with leftover corn on the cob and artichokes for dinner.

Thursday: (04/07) Up early, took a quick shower and headed off to the train at 0630 to go for a walk in San Francisco. The early departure is to get to the Arboretum in Golden Gate park before 0900 because it’s free. The last train that assures enough time to get across town to the park in time left Palo Alto at 0650. I ended up with about 50 minutes extra so I got my breakfast from Peasant Pies, a nice sausage egg and cheese hand pie. I enjoyed a good walk around the arboretum with very few other people and took way too many photos. It seems it only takes me about 2 hours to cover the whole place. I left the arboretum and picked up a donut and a tea then walked over to a neighborhood garden I like to enjoy them. It was overpopulated with tiny gardeners from some school. Then I hiked up to the top of Mt Sutro and over to Sutro Tower then back through the Sutro Open Space Preserve. I caught a train out to Ocean Beach. The train was delayed 45 minutes on a route that should have been every 10 minutes. Six trains passed by going the opposite direction. I probably could have walked out to the beach in the same time, only about 40 blocks. I had an idea to walk up along the bluffs to the Golden Gate Bridge then come back to get dinner in the Mission District at a restaurant I like, La Torta Gorda. I had checked earlier in the day and knew it closed at 6pm. It was 3pm now and I had run out of gas, so I decided to walk back through GG Park and head to dinner. I hadn’t had lunch and needed something so I picked up a snack and a drink at Safway. I enjoy my snack at the tulip garden by one of the windmills in the park. Then I walked across the park back to the East end. I made it back and caught the train back toward the Mission.That train doesn’t go all the way so I was walking several block to get over to 24th Street then catch a bus to get me to the restaurant. I was 5 blocks from 24 St and it was 5:50pm. I finally realized I had goofed up and couldn’t possible make it before the restaurant closed so I returned to Mission Street and caught s bus toward the train. I transferred to a T train and returned to the Caltrain station. I had to wait 25 minutes for the next train. That next train was an Express train that would stop at the downtown Palo Alto station but not the California Avenue station near my home. The following train would be 25 minutes later and stop at California Avenue but would stop at every station and arrive in Palo Alto 45 minutes later than the earlier train. When I got to Palo Alto I caught a bus toward my house and arrived a block from the house at 824pm so the plan saved me 20 minutes and a half mile walk from the station to home. All day, Lou had been fighting getting the power back on for the cooler. In trying to restore that she lost power other places. To top that the LPG detector was sounding and couldn’t be reset either. When I got home I turned on a couple of breakers she had turned off and I cut the power to the LPG detector. I had already ordered a new detector but it had been cooperative and only needed to be reset once every couple of days. Fortunately, the replacement arrives tomorrow. I prepared a tortilla with ham, cheese and salsa with scrambled eggs for my dinner.

Friday: (04/08) Big day of discovery in the gardens. All three purple artichoke plants are producing. The other two plants each have one artichoke on them now. From nothing to a one inch sized choke in a day. A hot day but only a day. Also, in the backyard swing garden, I have half a dozen bean plants popped up, some carrots and a broccoli plant. I had some rice with a banana and honey for breakfast. I rode over to the Grocery Outlet Market and bought some salad kits and milk. We had salad for lunch. Shepherd’s Pie for dinner.

Saturday: (04/09) I made ham, eggs and toast for breakfast. Lou was busy working outside emptying her temporary tent. And speaking of tents, she bought a huge family tent at the thrift store and we erected it and disinfected it. Today some of my corn popped through the surface as well as more carrots and some broccoli. I also announced a hike for Tuesday as well as signing up for one of next Friday. Salads for lunch. Lou’s Iranian chicken salad and ham for dinner.

Sunday: (04/10) Morning was nice, afternoon was windy. First, we put away Lou’s new tent from the driveway and moved the cars back into the driveway. The sewer replacement project starts tomorrow and parking is prohibited on our street. My car is parked at Meili’s house next door and Lou and Ernie’s cars are in our driveway. I prepared to start on Ernie’s trailer roof resealing . I got a piece of plywood to distribute my weight while I removed the old caulk and install the new seal tape. I also removed some weeds from the lawn. We worked in the yard a little for me and a lot for Lou and Dawn. Rice with banana and honey for breakfast. Iranian potato salad for lunch. Dawn made stew for dinner.

Monday: (04/11) We were off early to try to get our Covid booster shots. On the way to Kaiser we stopped for breakfast at A Good Morning Restaurant. We learned that you need appointments to get a shot and, yes I had tried to get one but it is next to impossible to get the appointment. I tried again after we left Kaiser and we could get an appointment in San Jose, Stockton, etc. Nothing near us. On the way home we stopped at Safeway, Whole Foods and Grocery Outlet. It was raining (more like drizzle) in the morning and extremely windy the rest of the day. I relaxed inside. Salads for lunch. Leftover stew for dinner.

Tuesday: (04/12) I prepared my usual pre-hike breakfast of a ham, egg and cheese sandwich for my breakfast. I headed up to the Russian Ridge Open Space Preserve to lead my hike. We hiked across the preserve on the Bay Area Ridge Trail then returned on the Hawk, Alder Spring and Ancient Oaks trails. Lots of wild flowers to see but it was so cold and breezy that the poppies stayed rolled up. 16 fellow hikers for this 8.3 mile loop. We finished about 1300. Back home I had a salad for lunch. Chili over rice for dinner.

Wednesday: (04/13) Rice with diced dates and banana for breakfast. I prepared my next Tuesday hike posting that I’ll post on Saturday morning. I attended my usual Wednesday webinar. Salads for lunch. I finalized our tax return and sent it off to the IRS cloud. Dawn’s stew for dinner.

Thursday: (04/14) Granola and banana for breakfast. I had a dental appointment this morning so we all went out. I was dropped off at the dentist’s office and they headed off shopping nearby. After my appointment we stopped by a Walmart neighborhood Market, a Lazy Boy sofa store and several thrift stores on the way home. We stopped for lunch at Chili’s restaurant. Leftovers for dinner. I readied my backpack for tomorrow's hike at Henry Coe park.

Friday: (04/15) I prepared breakfast sandwiches for breakfast. I was off to a hike at Henry Coe State Park. Tara was leading her annual hike through the Narrows, a hike with ¾ mile of creek wading. Wonderful day, wonderful hike. 12 hikers, beautiful green hills, nice weather. We started at 0930 and finished the 12.2 mile hike at 1600. I took the non freeway roads home. Much more relaxing. I picked up dinner for Lou, Dawn and I at Aqui’s Restaurant in Cupertino on the way home. Mine was carne asada and Lou and Dawn shared a salmon enchilada plate. All good. I felt much better after my shower but I’ll need to go through my backpack tomorrow.

Saturday: (04/16) Heavy rain this morning. Toast and honey for breakfast. I picked several artichokes which we had for dinner. Chicken soup and toast for lunch. Spaghetti for dinner. I posted a hike for Tuesday.

Sunday: (04/17) I rode the bike over to Grocery Outlet to get some peppers and then cooked some corned beef hash and eggs for breakfast. Cottage cheese and fruit for lunch. Dawn made honey glazed ham with rice au gratin and green beans for dinner.

Monday: (04/18) Leftover corned beef hash with eggs for breakfast. We had our Easter morning breakfast today, chocolate dipped everything. I spent some time watching a new project on our street, the sewer line replacement project. Leftover ham with leftover au gratin rice and green beans for dinner, again.

Tuesday: (04/19) The usual breakfast ham egg and cheese sandwich for breakfast before my hike. I led a hike at Palo Alto Foothills Nature Preserve doing the Los Trancos Trail. It was a 6.5 mile hike with 1500 feet of climb. Beautiful green after last night’s good rain. The flowers were certainly out in abundance. 18 fellow hikers joined me. We started at 0930 and finished about 1220. Back home for a shower and some corn chowder with toast for lunch. Salad for dinner.

Wednesday: (04/20) Rice with banana and honey for breakfast. Salad and ham for lunch. Lou made beef noodle stew for dinner. A busy day watching the sewer line replacement project on our street. It was so interesting that I missed my Wednesday webinar. The screw is very efficient unlike so many construction workers. They are slipping in an eight inch main line to replace the existing six inch line. They pull and hammer in the HDPE pipe breaking the existing clay pipe. Quite amazing. What is most amazing is that there is no bad smell even though until they connect the lateral lines from the houses, all the sewage just pools in the pits they dug to intercept the lines. This is even more interesting than when they replaced our gas lines.

Thursday: (04/21) Rice with banana and honey for breakfast. Salad and ham for lunch. Leftover corned beef hash and eggs for dinner. I had a busy day watching the sewer line replacement project on our street. It rained last night and showered starting about again 1830.

Friday: (04/22) Ham, egg and cheese sandwich for breakfast. I met fellow SJMW hikers at Wunderlich Park in Woodside for a hike to Alice’s Restaurant on Skyline Blvd. This was a special hike because one of our fellow hikers, Karen who moved to Switzerland, was visiting. In addition Don, another hiker who moved away to the central valley was on the hike. And, it was also the last hike for Chris, who is moving away to Phoenix. Even with the heavy rain we had last night and early this morning, we enjoyed a rainless hike. Evidently they had showers here at home. Back home, I checked on the sewer project and took a shower then relaxed the rest of the day. Lou made shrimp rice with veggies for dinner.

Saturday: (04/23) Rice and diced apple for breakfast. Salad for lunch. Nachos Supreme for dinner from Tacos El Grullense. We worked all day preparing to leave. I washed the RV, in particular the solar panels. I did the tank duty emptying and filling as needed. I checked the sprinklers for the garden to see if they are working. Dawn’s garden timer had failed due to a leak in the control. I replaced it with one of the non Internet connected timers. My preparation isn’t too involved since I live in the RV full time even here at home.

Sunday: (04/24) On the road by 1000. We drove separately as we left so I could, more easily, get into the cheap gas station that has little room to maneuver. Luckily, the lane I needed was clear when we arrived. Cash price $5.19 which is .20 - 1.30 less than other stations nearby. We then hooked up the Jeep and hit the road South. We stopped in Gilroy for breakfast at the Longhouse Restaurant, great garlic pork chops. Breakfast was about 1100 so no lunch was needed. We did stop in Greenfield for me to take a nap while Lou and Dawn explored the shops. We were settled into our campsite at Pismo Beach State Park, North Campground by 1700. For dinner we had leftover pork chops with artichokes from our garden, brussels sprouts, and pancakes.

Monday: (04/25) I made toast with ham, cheese and hummus for breakfast. Green salad with chicken for lunch. Chicken artichoke over rice for dinner. We did some shopping at Walmart and Outdoor supply. On our way yesterday our chair compartment door opened and we lost our doormat so we replaced it today. Of course, we also stopped at a couple of thrift stores on the way home. Otherwise I just relaxed in camp.

Tuesday: (04/26) My birthday. Lou made latkes with ham for breakfast. We were out of flour so she substituted cornstarch and it actually made them better. We set up her thrift shop tent. Interesting figuring out just how to do it. Even though the directions were in English, they obviously lost something in translation. About 1100, I took off for a walk. I walked South toward our usual campground in Oceana through the dunes then along the river and around the airport finally arriving at Old Juan’s Cantina. I called Lou and she and Dawn met me for a late birthday lunch. I had a wonderful Adobo Poblano pepper stuffed with chicken shrimp cheese and who knows what else. We returned to camp and I needed to do some work on the tent. We hadn’t installed the fly so I did that and added some tie down ropes because the wind had picked up and was really gusty. Lou plans on using the tent to work on a quilt and they used it for games when I took my walk.

Wednesday: (04/27) We drove up to San Luis Obispo after breakfast. I took a hike in the Irish Hill Preserve. The hike was 4.5 miles and about 800 feet climb, a good stretch. Afterwards, I stopped at Costco and joined myself. Lou and Dawn are already members. I needed to join to be able to try to use their AutoPurchase program. I had one of their chicken bakes for lunch. I then walked over to the Ford dealer and asked about ordering a van. The word was as I expected, no chance. They aren’t even able to order anything right now and if something was available it would be $5k over MSRP. So, I’ll have to make other considerations, like converting my little Hyundai. Lou and Dawn were thrifting. Leftovers for breakfast. I had a latka, some carnitas and some shrimp rice. Lunch at Costco in SLO. Roast beast with baked potatoes for dinner.

Thursday: (04/28) We spent the morning in San Luis Obispo. We visited a couple of thrift stores including a new one I spotted. Unfortunately I spotted two butt lift recliners there in great shape for an excellent low price of $100 each. We have been looking at replacement loveseat recliners but they run $800-3000 each. So we bought them and will pick them up Saturday. I reserved a box trailer and Lou will tow it home in the Jeep. I’ll be stopping at the Pinnacles on my way home. She may get them out of the trailer before I return or they will wait in the trailer for me to arrive. Toast for breakfast. Lunch at Pismo Fish and Chips. Salads for dinner.

Friday: (04/29) Another cold windy day. Breakfast at Francisco's Country Kitchen in Arroyo Grande. No lunch due to the slightly late and excellent breakfast. Lou made pasta with leftovers du jour for dinner. A little shopping after breakfast and otherwise relaxing at home today.

Saturday: (04/30) Leftovers for breakfast. We headed up to Morro Bay to get our Uhaul trailer. The hooking took a couple of minutes but the paperwork took 30 minutes. Uhauls’ computer was down. Then we were off to Harbor Freight to get some web straps and a drop hitch. The rental trailer rode with its rear bumper quite close to the ground. We couldn't find a good drop hitch so just got the web straps. Then we made it to the thrift shop to get our two recliners. They were not open and two workers were waiting outside. It seems that the key man called in sick. After a couple of hours the shop opened and we got our chairs. I tied them down and we tried to get gas at Costco but the line was too long so we got it closer to home. Then back to camp to relax. Later we disassembled the tent and put everything away to be ready to leave tomorrow. Lunch at IHOP on the way home. Leftover lunch for dinner.

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