Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Burst Water Main

 Wednesday: (06/22) I was awakened about 0030 last night by a big truck going down our street. I thought, how unusual. Moments Later it’s backup alarm was sounding. I got up and watched it back down our street. It had lights on on all sides. I thought it was a fire truck but hadn’t heard any sirens. A while later I was again awakened by the sound of a jackhammer. So, I had to get up to see what was going on. I found a city crew backhoe, dump truck and pipeline truck and a vacuum truck busy digging a hole. The water main had burst and the gutter was full with a four foot wide flow. Over time, they exposed the crack in the pipe, found the proper part from their shop. I left them to their work about 0430 after they had plugged the leak and were reconnecting a lateral line that was right next to the break. Needless to say, I was done in for the rest of the day. I did pick most of the plums from our tree. Lou and Dawn were off to Filoli Historic House and Gardens to attend the Antiques Roadshow event for PBS. I napped and watched the second City crew refill the hole from last night and clean up the mud all around in the gutter. I also watched the City sewer contractor permanently paving some of the holes they had made replacing our sewer line. Leftover salmon rice for breakfast. Leftover broccoli salad with a salami and cheese sandwich for lunch. Roast chicken, artichokes from our plants and leftover chili for dinner.



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