Thursday, June 23, 2022

Starting Roof Fan Install

 Thursday: (06/23) A ham, egg, and cheese sandwich for breakfast. I did a little work in the van before my back and the weather called an end to it. I removed the tie down anchor loops from the floor. I also removed the glued on insulation over the locations where the ceiling fans and windows are to be installed. I worked at the computer later when my back started to bother me. I managed to get a complex formula in the van build spreadsheet to work. It only too a different way of looking at the problem. Salad and some salami and cheese for lunch. Lou and I went to the Grocery Outlet in the afternoon. Lou’s Shepherd’s pie for dinner. First thing this morning I signed up for an interesting hike in Santa Cruz tomorrow. Unfortunately, while trying to make my monthly payments I discovered a problem at my credit union. They upgraded their systems and evidently introduced several problems. I tried to call the bank but their phone answered with a touch tone option menu but it would respond to any input. So I tried their chat but that person was not an employee of the bank but of one of their services and couldn’t help. So, tomorrow, I’ll have to visit the bank in person to talk to another person. All this because their system people evidently don’t check things.

Friday: (06/24) Granola for breakfast. I headed over to the bank to try to get several problem fixed. After an hour of discussion and their insisting I had made some changes myself, enough now appears to be corrected. I’ll see how some test payments work. Salad for lunch. I took a few walks around the neighborhood looking at the construction projects. About 1700, when it got cooler, I did a little work outside. I made a wooden platform to place on the vans roof rails for me to work on the fan installation. I’m heavy and the roof is weak. Leftover Shepherd’s pie with green beans from the garden for dinner.

Saturday: (06/25) I removed all but one of the artichoke plants in the front yard. They have run their course so I cut them off at the ground level and added some mulch over them. I didn’t have room for the big productive one so it still stands until next week's compost bins. They are supposed to regrow and produce again late this fall or spring. I prepared a scrambled egg with salami and cheese sandwich for breakfast. Then, I placed the wooden platform on the van roof rack bars and also washed the roof so It will be clean and ready to install the fans on. We had leftover pork roast and chili rellenos with artichokes and green beans from the garden. After dinner, I got the table saw out and cut some boards to make frames for the roof fan installation.

Sunday: (06/26) Granola for breakfast. I cut the hole in the roof of the van for the front fan. Painted the cut edge of the sheet metal and painted the wood framing. Salad for lunch. Biscuits and gravy for dinner. In the evening we went to pick up an inverter that Dawn found on Freecycle.

Monday: (06/27) I finished the installation of the front roof fan in the van, all but the caulking. I started to prepare to install the rear fan but decided it was too hot to continue. I relaxed the rest of the day. Granola for breakfast. Some of Meili’s miso soup for brunch. Salad for lunch. Chili baked potatoes for dinner.

Tuesday: (06/28) Granola for breakfast. I cut the hole in the van roof for the rear fan. I had to make a trip to, my most hated business, Home Depot to get a Ryobi cordless variable speed jigsaw. My electric metal shears couldn’t do the corrugated roof that the rear fan location is at. The jigsaw made quick work of the hole. I painted the bare metal and prepared and painted spacers for the fan insulation. I had to call it quits after I had everything painted mostly because my back told me to. I had a salami cheese and hummus sandwich for lunch. I relaxed the rest of the day. Tuna salad and cheese sandwich for dinner.

Wednesday: (06/29) I installed the rear fan in the van. I needed longer screws so I went out shopping. I Visited the Credit Union and Lowe’s, then shopped at Walmart Neighborhood Market in Santa Clara, Smart and Final and Nob Hill on the way home. Back home I installed the longer screws and caulked both fans. I also test that both fans work. Granola for breakfast. Lunch from Lucky Chinese Bistro. BBQ ribs with tater tots and green beans for dinner.

Thursday: (06/30) I prepared a Denver omelet for breakfast. I plucked four small bell peppers from the garden for the omelet. My back was a bother all day so I relaxed most of the day. I did take a couple of walks around the neighborhood to check on the construction projects. Leftover Chinese food for lunch. Tomato soup for dinner.







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