Thursday, June 16, 2022

Jenny And The Mexicats Show

 Thursday: (06/16) I received my reflectix insulation this morning. Otherwise I studied some of the equipment manuals in preparation for installations. About 1400 I showered and at 1500 drive up to San Bruno and caught the BART train to San Francisco. BART doesn’t come to our area and it is most convenient for my late return tonight. I got off at the 24th street station and walk over to La Torta Gorda for my dinner. I had a poblano, onion, avocado and cheese torta. They make the absolute best tortas. I then wasted some time walking around the area. I was there to attend an 8pm concert at The Chapel by Jenny and The Mexicats. The doors were supposed to open at 7pm and I arrived some time after that and waited. The doors finally opened at 8:10pm. The concert didn’t start until 9pm. The warmup band was Suenatron, OK. Very energetic but a muddy sound. Fortunately Jenny and her Mexicats were just as expected from their Youtube videos. They did all their favorites and provided an excellent show. The Chapel provides an intimate venue. Their show ended at 1130 and I had to dash off to catch my train. I got home very late at 2am. Scrambled eggs, ham and cheese sandwich for brunch. Dinner at La Torta Gorda on 24th Street in San Francisco. Here is a sample.




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