Tuesday, December 20, 2005


Hwy 25 Hwy 25
Yesterday, we left the Pinnacles a little after noon. Headed down Hwy 25 to Hwy 198 then I5 and into Bakersfield. We stopped for lunch on in a pullout on Hwy 198. Good weather and traffic on the way down. Arrived in Bakersfield about 5:30 pm. Setup the RV in front of Uncle Doug's house. Mr Milo enjoyed a short walk.
Today, Lou and Don dropped by the escrow company to sign a paper. Hopefully the house closes tomorrow or?
I spread some caulk to try to fix the leak by the dinette window. I didn't see any actual problems but caulked the top and side edges of the window anyway. I checked the roof seam and found that more toward the front, there was 3 feet of missing caulk. Did it blow away? Who knows? anyway I removed the entire length of caulk on that side, and installed a new bead of caulk. Hopefully that fixes the problem! If not, I'll completely remove the window and reinstall it with new sealer.
I obviously haven't been keeping up with the re-caulking. I did the front and rear roof cap areas before. I still need to do the right side of the roof and the vertical seams, especially at the rear. Maybe while I'm at Quartzsite.

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