Monday, December 26, 2005

Wintering Monarch’s

Pismo Beach is home to the largest population of Monarch butterflies during the winter. Those butterflies call a eucalyptus grove next to our campground home.
Pismo State Beach Pismo State Beach
We attended the docent's presentation observed the clusters of resting butterflies. On the right above is a freshly hatched butterfly.
Pismo State Beach Pismo State Beach
Th life cycle on the left above. On the right the butterfly's favorite food, milkweed, actually a beautiful flower, not a weed.
Today they didn't come out much because it was quite cool. Yesterday it was warm and the trees were orange and butterflies were everywhere.
Sorry, i didn't get good pictures of the butterfly clusters on the trees nor mass quantities in flight. It was too cool when I had my camera.

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