Sunday, December 18, 2005


For some reason it took a really long time to get ready this time. Of course, we did reorganize just about everything. Stuff that hadn't been used or was seldom used stayed home. Somehow we seemed to eventually get everything into place.
Hughes Autoformer Coffeemaker Shelf
Friday I wired the Hughes Autoformer into a compartment. Since I got it, I've been having to chain it up outside. When we were in Pomona a few weeks ago, a representative from Hughes said it would be OK in the compartment as long as it had some room for air circulation around it. The RV had a permanently attached 30' power cord which I shortened to 2' to plug into the transformer.
We spent most of Saturday morning preparing to leave. I built a shelf where the coffee pot used to be. We removed the built-in coffee maker because we use the microwave for our tea. Lou has an occasional cup of coffee and uses coffee bags. Easy to store, easy to brew, always fresh.
We finally got away a bit after 2pm. We had a few errands so I took the RV on mine and Lou and Dawn the toad for theirs. We met In Gilroy, about 54 miles South of home. Not far, but it ended up being as far as we got. It seems to get dark early now. We had dinner at the Longhouse restaurant. We asked if we could spend the night in their lot and they said OK. The local Walmart doesn't allow overnighters, due to a city ordinance. The restaurant is also in the city but we stayed and had no problem.
Damaged Table Pinnacles Campground
Except that we had a very heavy rain that night. The window by the dinette leaked. Made Dawn's bedding quite wet and ruined the laminate on the table top. I clamped it together and Hope it turns out OK .
We didn't do much better getting away from Gilroy, and then Hollister. We finally arrived at the Pinnacles a little after 1pm. It's been raining all day. For some reason there aren't any other transient campers in the campground. There are the usual 6 or so ranger/botanist trailers here. They're her working on the California Condor restoration. We've spent the afternoon lazying around watching the beasts outside.

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