Thursday, December 29, 2005

Solvang and El Capitan SB

The high tide has finally come around to a decent hour. This morning it was 8:10 am. This was the highest tide and was quite impressive.
Solvang Ca
Our mail from home finally arrived and we hit the road. We stopped in Solvang and looked around the shops. We had a great butter cream round from one of the bakeries. It was very good.
In Solvang, on our way back to the RV to leave, we stopped in a pet store and found a self heating pad for MR Milo, our cat. He seems to have been cold recently so we've been looking for some sort of heated sleeping mat, either one that is heated up in the microwave or a reflective (self heating) that uses the cats body heat. Anyway, we finally found a reflective pad in stock and bought it. Mr Milo really likes it so we suppose it works.
We then headed South to El Capitan State Beach. We were going to stop at Refugio SB but that campground was closed for the season. El Capitan SB is just a couple of miles further South. We then headed down to Goleta to do our laundry. Though it was a travel day, we didn't get very far. Hopefully with an early start tomorrow, we'll get closer to Death Valley, our next destination.
El Capitan SB El Capitan SB
Friday Morning:
Our campsite at El Capitan State Beach Campground. We were right next to the re-construction of the main sewer line. Nice campground. We;ll be returning when we can stay for a while.
El Capitan SB El Capitan SB
The seagulls and pelicans liked the heavy seas. Good eating!
El Capitan SB El Capitan SB
On the left above is a picture of the sandy beach, 4-8" sand grains. This beach in this heavy surf makes more noise as the waves are going out and the rocks are rolling than when the waves splash onto the beach.
El Capitan SB El Capitan SB
This path is barely above sea level with this very high tide. Beautiful park!

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