Sunday, December 11, 2005

Get Set

Dawn wraps her semester Wednesday and we'll be heading out very shortly there after. It's amazing! When we returned home, it seemed like it would be a long time before we got back on the road. Now it's already time to go. I have some things to do to the RV before leaving. We'll be heading south along the coast, through Bakersfield, then toward Las Vegas and Quartzsite. Dawn has to be back mid January for the start of next semester so she and Lou will take the toad home from Quartzsite leaving Don there for the big RV show week. Lou should be able to return to Quartzsite a couple of weeks later. Bad timing on the universities part. Hopefully the flea market is good during that week before the RV show.
12the Street Cleaned Up
The "gutter cleaning" project in San Jose has been going well but won't be finished before departure. The trees are gone but a couple of stumps remain and the concrete sidewalk is still to do. It's too cold for concrete work anyway, right?

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