Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Exploring East

Today Lou and I rose before sunrise to look at the high tide. We walked down the beach and into Grover Beach. We had breakfast at the (Train) Station Cafe. We continued through the neighborhoods and to Hwy 101 and found a shortcut by the railroad tracks back to the campsite. Success! Lou and Dawn can now take the shortcut, less than 1/2 mile, to the outlet malls. This beats the 2-3 mile drive to get to the same place and comes with exercise built in. The rest of the morning was spent on business then, after all the travelers left the campground, it was time for the most pleasurable activity of RV'ing, dumping the tanks. The weather was good all day but cool. We had another nice campfire in the evening.
Pismo State Beach
A nice Turkey Vulture resting on a light pole on our walk east.

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