Friday, December 1, 2006

A little of this, …


I spent most of the morning tweaking websites.

I didn't get really moving until mid afternoon.

Our RV has a loose wall panel in the bedroom. It's been working loose from the top. Turns out there were several reasons for the failure. The panel was only stapled, not glued to the framing. It's an interior wall at the back of the shower. That might not have been too bad, except some of the staples, most of the ones where the separation started were 1/4 inch instead of 3/4 inch long. The staples were driven deep into the 1/8 inch panel and the holes filled. The remaining wood in the panel wasn't thick enough to hold. In addition, a mirror hung on the wall. The added weight couldn't have helped. and finally, the panel was cut too large. I removed the panel and prepared it for re-installation. I trimmed the panel to fit. Then it was time for a trip to the hardware store for "stuff" to complete the repair. Some 7/8" brass screws and brass curled washers were screwed horizontally in several rows across the panel. I wouldn't trust staples for the repair and I think it wasn't glued for a reason, possible too much flexing?

Tomorrow I'll attack the broken valve pedal on the commode. Oh boy!

Lou and Dawn went to a Christmas cookie party. It's an annual event that one of her former teachers has.

Lou and Dawn finished the Christmas tree decoration. It looks nice with its new LED lights and all her motorized decorations on it. The moving stuffed animals hanging on the tree are a bit creepy at times though.


Memory is failing. I'm not sure what de did of significance today.

Lou fixed a nice tortilla soup for dinner.


I turned in the '92 Volvo to the body shop. It is supposed to be there about 4 days to get the left rear light lens replaced an body damage repaired.

I tried to locate the replacement commode for the RV. I drove up to Ideal RV Parts in Redwood City. They have the replacement I needed, a little higher cost than at Camping world but I saved the 90 mile roundtrip drive to San Martin. If time is money, then i saved a little. The replacement, an Aqua Majic V slipped right in but the water hose connection was difficult to get tight. Now, we'll just have to learn how to operate this improved version. Our Aqua majic VI that was replaced had two pedals (Fill and flush), the Model V has one pedal (part way down to fill, all the way to flush). I think we can adapt?

We had Early Bird dinners at the Crown Plaza Hotel just down the street. There are only three choices, but the food and service are excellent and the price is right $11.50. This week has seen an unusual number of visits to restaurants. Hopefully we'll improve our domestic efforts soon.

Brother Ernie and his doggies arrived about 7pm.

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