Friday, December 15, 2006

The Radio Project

I started a project that's been around for several years. I bought a new radio for the toad many years ago. I never got around to installing it. I knew it would cause a headache. I've even carried it with us as we travel with the thought I'd jump on it sometime in our travels. Never happened.

Anyway, I started it and got a headache right away. The main problem is getting the old radio out. Access isn't easy. Everything is buttoned up behind difficult to remove panels. They use star screws of many sizes. Getting those tools was interesting. Then figuring out where all the fasteners were hiding was fun. But the most fun was the radio itself. When I removed the radio, the wiring was odd. The wires were many and didn't match the wires to the speakers or any common color code. I tried to trace them out and couldn't make sense of it. So I fell back and regrouped. Unfortunately, Lou reminded me that the car was going in for service Monday, so I had to get it back together by then. Oh well.

In the evening, I used the magic Internet and searched for information on replacing the radio in a 92 240 Volvo wagon. I had no problems in doing the same thing on our '87 Volvo which looks identical. Interestingly, I found lots. Evidently the radio changed for 89-95 Volvo's. They used a two part radio with the amplifier separate from the radio. There were sources available that provided information on where the components were and provided cable harnesses to make the change. I just needed to know where stuff was so I didn't demolish the whole car learning. I used that information and intended to just eliminate the connectors and wire up the new connector without the adapter harnesses. We'll see how it goes.

Lou and Dawn have been busy cleaning up, especially Dawn's room. Lots of work to do there. of course, I should be critical since my study is almost inaccessible.

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