Monday, December 18, 2006

Oak Tree Trimming

My camera is still awaiting parts for repair so I had to break out the backup camera, my D-snap. Not the best pictures, but then that may be just my lack of photographic abilities. I've added a few pictures on the last few posts.

Our morning was more flight training at Gunn HS. We ran the batteries down and then took a walk over to the Palo Alto Veterans Hospital next door for tea while the batteries charged. Tea is only 50 cents there, a bargain. When we returned to fly some more they were spraying the weeds around the field so we decided to leave instead of breathing the stuff.

Oak Tree Wilton Oak Tree After Trim
The oak tree got a trim this afternoon. Pre trim above left, post trim picture above right. The new neighbor and I got a litle carried away aand did a good trim over his garage. It actually looks good so I'll probably trim more on my side later.

Today, the prize from Adobe arrived. The "Web Bundle" package is only about 3x7x10 inches but contains software worht more than $2000. I'm intending to dive into it soon.

Dawn and Lou have been busy organizing Dawn's Video and Audio library. Now that's a real task!

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