Sunday, December 17, 2006

A New Sound Machine

Breakfast was bread pudding, sliced and cooked as French Toast. Very good idea Lou.

There was no breeze this morning so we over to Gunn High School to fly our planes. Schools out and the field is fairly large without too many obstacles. It does have some occasional hazards. The chain link fences seem to jump up and catch the planes when least expected. And then there are the dogs. They seem to think the planes are big bugs or Frisbees. The planes are fairly durable so a crash into a fence isn't too bad. The dogs would be a disaster though, so we have to keep our eyes open and stop occasionally. After we ran our batteries down, we took a walk down toward Los Altos on the bike path. When we returned, the batteries were charged so we went back for more flight time. My battery died very soon. I figured out that the batteries in my controller, which charges the plane, were low. It's the oldest plane of the three and this is the original set of batteries.

After our flight training, we stopped by Trader Joe's on the way home. To us, Trader Joe's is a goodies store. At least they are healthier goodies. We stocked up and headed home.

Volvo Dash New Radio
My afternoon was spent wrestling with the car. I removed the center dash panel to expose the radio amplifier module. I needed to remove the connector on it to get to the speaker wires for the new radio installation. I wanted to make a clean swap so I removed the module as well. This weird radio seems to have been designed only to make the theft of the radio worthless. If you steal the radio in the dash, it won't work because it's only half of the radio, just the tuner and cassette player. Mission complete. The radio works great and provides a CD player as well. All the lights are a bit annoying but that's the modern way, I guess.

I was finishing buttoning up the dash as the sun went behind the house. The temperature dropped at least 20 degrees. I had to get the car back together because it was going in for it's regular service on Monday morning. In addition, the front end will get aligned. I managed to drag the toad over a curb in Monterey just before we got home. It's been a while since the alignment has been looked at and dragging the car behind the RV for so many miles can't really help it. We just got new tires which we don't want them ruined because an alignment problem.

When I went inside, I checked the temperature and the outside thermometer. It was 42 degrees at 6pm. A bit chilly for shirt sleeve weather.

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