Saturday, December 16, 2006

Met Our New Neighbors

Leaning Arbor
I've been attacking the wisteria in the arbor in our back yard. The plant is much bigger than the arbor needs (like twenty times too big). The arbor is wedge shaped, about 6 feet on three sides and 4 feet on one side. We have a couple of bench swings hanging from it and a water fountain on one side. It's really quite nice. But, Lou wont sit in it any more. She seems to be concerned about the leaning posts. Basically, the wisteria plant is really what holds it up. So I've been trimming. I'm about half way complete having filled four 80 gallon compost containers. When I get it pruned all the way back, I'll rebuild it. I haven't decided yet if I'll rebuild it in wood our use metal. At this rate I've got a month to decide.

We were out front and the new neighbors next door appeared so we introduced ourselves. We toured their house. It's basically identical to ours. They toured ours to see what theirs might look like. While their house just cost them $870K for this as is fixer upper, it isn't livable. We're happy to hear they intend to live in it and not knock it down. It's going to take a lot of work. They're a young couple (isn't everyone, any more) from India. They have been looking for two years and finally found the house of their dreams. One reason they liked it is because it is "perfectly aligned". Ours is aligned the same. No wonder we're happy here.

One thing we learned was they were concerned about our oak tree hanging down to their garage roof. They were going to hire a tree service to trim it. We mentioned, possibly mistakenly, that we occasionally trimmed it up off the roof for the previous owner. So That's now of the todo list.

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