Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Clean Water

I picked up a new water filter for the kitchen sink. Not counting the current spigot mounted filter, this is the fourth filter. When we moved in 17 years ago I installed a reverse osmosis filter. It worked well for 13 years. When we got the RV and started extended travel in it, we started having problems with he filter. I replaced the filter when it started tasting green. It couldn't be sanitized. The filter I got from Orchard Supply Hardware didn't work for more than a month so I replaced it with another from them. After our next three month trip, it was bad too. No flow. I tried one more time with one from Costco. Same short life, one trip and no flow again. In each case I couldn't find anything wrong with the filter.I have to assume the RO filter got plugged with no use? We gave up and installed the faucet mounted Culligan filter which has worked well for a while now. But, the replacement cartridges aren't cheap and don't last all too long, especially when their left in the filtered position for washing dishes, etc. Thus, the reason for the new filter. It's a big brother to the sink mounted filter, also from Culligan. It is mostly a carbon filter but removes everything but metals as well. It hooked up to the faucet and provides full flow filtered water. Now there's no waiting to fill a cup or pot for tea. An added bonus is all the room under the sink we got back since this filter is smaller and doesn't have a tank. It shouldn't clog like the RO filters have been doing. The replacement cartridge is just slightly more than the faucet mounted filter cartridge but about 10 times the size. Hopefully, problem solved.

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