Saturday, September 8, 2007

The Big Event

Kern River Trail Near River Run RV Park BNSF RR Bridge Over Kern River
We started the day with a walk down the path by the river. It led to the BNSF railroad bridge across the river.

Oil Well Coral By Kern River Oil Well Pump Jack

Oil Well Being Serviced Oil Well Being Serviced
There was an oil well corral there and one well had a service crew working on the well. We enjoyed watching them a while. I grew up with an oil well like this a hundred feet from our house. We even had two wooden oil derricks within 200 feet. Our place was quite near our place here at the River RUn RV park. In fact, the RV park was part of the open oil fields that we played in. There was a wonderful cottonwood forest by the railroad bridge and being reckless kids, we played on the bridge. It was really a great time. We could leave the house via the back fence and travel miles in the oil fields. We even had a dirt canal a short distance from the rear of our house to swim in. There was rarely any water in the river at that time. All these activities today stike terror in the hearts of todays parents, but oddly, most kids survived. It was nice to travel down memory lane for a while. So much has changed!

Brother Ernie came in to town. While Lou and Dawn hit the thrift stores, we went to breakfast while his motel room was readied. Everybody does what's important to them.

Wolfie Ernie Walter Dawn Brandon Kathleen Kerry
Then it was off to Uncle Doug's for the family get together. It was mostly Don's cousins and their husbands and wives most of whom we haven't seen for too many years. There was too much to eat and lots of conversation and catching up.

Left above: Wolfie, Ernie, and Walter
Right above: Daughter Dawn, her cousins Brandon, Kathleen, and Kerry. (Sugar, the dog)

Don Doug Ernie Doug Judy Ernie Maryjane Denny Francis Tommy Pam Don Delynn
Left: Don, Uncle Doug, and Brother Ernie.
Right: Uncle Doug, Cousin Judy, Brother Ernie, Cousin Maryjane, cousin Denny,Aunt Francis, cousin Tommy,Cousin Pam, Don, and cousin Delynn.

Kathleen Kerry Marcos Mike Mike Kerry Marcos Kathleen Doug Maryjane
Left: Nieces Kathleen and Kerry, Kerry friend Marcos, and the girls father, Mike.
Right: Cousin-in-law Mike, niece Kerry and friend Marcos, niece Kathleen, Uncle Doug, cousin Maryjane.

Lou Don Dawn Don Lou Helen
Here we are The Smiling Wood Family (left). Actually we can smile. At least Lou and Don were amused. Didn't Helen get the joke?

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