Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Goodby Subtereanean Friends, Hello Dolly

Our Camp In Front Of 12th St A Hole In Pavement
Yesterday afternoon we moved the motorhome down to San Jose and camped in front of Dawn's place. That was made both easier and more difficult by the City workers supposedly repairing the pavement in front of our house. About a year ago, the City required the replacement of about 30 of curb and walkway due to supposed tree damage. I opted to have them do the work since it appeared I wouldn't easily be able to satisfy the inspector. They did the concrete work quickly, though not as good as I would have done. However, the repair of the asphalt that they removed, about 6" at the edge of the curb apron, has not been replaced, in the past year.

Last week the City crew tried. They brought out a backhoe, scrapped off the top of the pavement and ripped out the street light conduit that was buried in concrete just a couple of inches down right along the curb apron. So they threw a quick patch on the asphalt they ripped out and left a big hole open in front of the house (about 3' x 1' by 1' deep). The City electricians did get the street light repaired but the hole remains and the permanent pavement repair awaits. They didn't even leave any cones or barricades on the hole. They even left a block of concrete in the parking area abut 1x1x1', again unprotected?

Now, they were nice enough to leave the dated "No Parking" signs up. The dates aren't current but the signs kept people who don't read, which is most everybody now days, from parking there so the space was open for us to park right in front of the house, with judicious avoidance of the pot-hole.

Treating Termites A Good Picture Of The New Fence
I watched as they drilled holes every 18" along the edge of the house. Much of the concrete was just installed. They pumped their juice into the holes and along the flowerbed trenches. Hopefully it kills every critter down there and nothing up here.

I finally took a good picture of the new fence. The previous pictures were using my phone which doesn't yield good results, just results.

Dawn had her class yesterday evening and worked on homework in the RV today. Lou went down town and started a class on porcelain doll making at a shop there. I worked on my computer programming after a little yard work here. Lou willl remain the night and go to class again tomorrow.

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