Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Hanging Around Home

This past week I've been hanging around home but it's been more like a week at the office. I was preparing for a business presentation and I knew little about what i was presenting so I had to try to "think" again. It's all too much like work! Yesterday was presentation day and it all went well.

Dawn's been very busy with the first week of school, as has Lou helping with the book enlargement. Each book has to be copied on 11x17 paper for easier reading. They also have enjoyed a few diversions to the thrift stores. Dawn found a nice, old spinning wheel. The wheel is quite warped and the "shuttle" (the sling shot looking thing) is broken. I'll probably be turning a new wheel and making a new slingshot for it in the near future. It looks real good otherwise. Dawn's been collecting things woolen recently with the combs, looms, etc.

We're off to Bakersfield for a family gathering on Thursday. It's a gathering in memory of my late uncle Emery. A chance to see relatives rarely or never seen before. Should be nice.

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