Thursday, September 6, 2007

Gray Skies In Bakersfield

Dawn had a doctors appointment in San Jose this morning so Lou took her down in the Toad. Before she left, she helped me back the RV out of the driveway. Normally, I back it in and leaving is real easy. I pulled it in head first to work on the batteries last week so this time was different.

When I did the walk around, I noticed that one of the valve stem extender brackets was broken. I removed it and tried to braze it together. No good, it's stainless so I brazed a brack for the bracket. It's solid now. I headed down to Gilroy, our meeting place. I stopped at Camoing world to see if they had a replacement bracket. They don't. The brackets they have don't look as sturdy as my previously broken bracket? I'll try to make a replacement later.

After Lou and Dawn arrived we were off over Hwy 152 toward I5. We passed the California Division Of Forestry temporary helecopter port at Casa De Fruita. There were more than 10 copters on the ground there. They've been fighting the Lick Fire East of Gilroy and North of Hwy 152. The skies were quite smoky in Gilroy and here along Hwy 152. Not that you smell but the skies are dark gray. When we got into the central valley, it was smoky all the way down.

We stopped at Harris Ranch for a walk and snack. The smell of their feed lot make us forget about the smoke. We had some treats from their bakery, very good.

In Bakersfield, we stopped at the new River Run RV Park. The RV spots are finished and the resrooms as well but much of the landscaping and the pool are not. No one was at the office and they didn't answer the phone number on the door so we picked a spot and left a not. We then went over to uncle Dougs to visit.

Maryjane, Mary, Delynn, Judy, Her husband Don, Doug and Helen were all there or stopped by. Nice visit. More to come. My brother Ernie will be here Saturday.

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