Saturday, September 29, 2007

Free is Free, Cheap is Cheap

A typical weekend.

Lou and Dawn were off early to the garage and estate sales. Lou came back with a treasure of doll clothes patterns. She also found a rotisserie like ours that had the extra skewers she needed. It actually has many of the same parts as ours but they're stainless rather than painted like ours. The skewers would have cost $30, she paid $10 for the whole thing. Seems like all she has to do is think about what she needs and it shows up.

Dawn's doing her homework. She and Lou pop up regularly and take walks around the neighborhood as well.

I actually got out and about earlier than usual for a weekend. I then cooked some cracked wheat and sausages for breakfast, not in the same dish. Quite good.

I was then outside preparing to start work on my current fence replacement project when the neighbor dropped by and mentioned it was free compost day at the dump. Free changes everything! I went over and picked up 4ea 30gal garbage cans of compost. I just recently got rid of the last of the previous load. I have a bunch of dirt removed from the flower beds in San Jose that could use some compost mixed in with it before it's used in the flower beds.

Then, after lunch, I was back to my original effort, the fence. I needed to blast out some holes in the existing concrete fence base in which to install the post anchors. It's an neat 6' x 10" base, with a 1" pipe in the middle as re-bar. I guess the installer wasted nothing. I got three holes chipped out with my breaker bar. Good exercise! The fourth will have to wait for the next attack. Hopefully I can talk the neighbor in to allowing me to remove a limb on a tree in his yard. It's right in the way of my swing with the bar and I'll probably injure myself if I can't clear the way. The neighbor really won't be too happy though since the tree hides our RV. While the limb is 3" in diameter it's already cut off as it would enter our side of the fence at about the 5 foot level horizontally and it only has a few tiny sprouts on it that don't really hide much. Here's hoping.

Lou fixed some nice steaks for dinner. I'm not a big beef steak eater. My jaw doesn't like the chewing. I tend toward pork, chicken and chicken fried steaks. These steaks were the best I've had in a very long time. My jaw held out to the end.

I think tomorrow will be a day of rest. I have to head down to San Jose with the RV so I get a good parking place for Monday. The house gets tented Monday. I'll be residing there for a couple of nights while they're doing the fumigation.

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