Sunday, May 3, 2009

Hoping To See Little Snakes

Sunday: (05/03) After watching a couple of Sunday morning shows I finally got up and finalized trip preparation.

Last time I used the macerator before our trip to Turlock last weekend I broke the water hose fitting off of trying to get the coupler off of the macerator. Fortunately it broke off nicely enough that I was able to plug the hole. I was then able to use it by attaching another hose adapter before the macertor. It worked well and dootie duty was accomplished. It is much easier to use a regular dump station but they are becoming very scarce especially around here.

We hit the road into light traffic. Lou and Dawn had cereal for breakfast as i was hooking up. I had some of Dawn's fresh oatmeal chocolate mint cookies. She used her home grown chocolate mint in the cookies. Very good.

It started drizzling as we approached the mountains near Los Gatos on highway 17. That turned into a steady light rain all the way to our campground. The trip over was uneventful except to note that that hill over to Santa Cruz is pretty steep.

Sunset Beach Walk In the Rain
We arrived at our campsite about 1:30pm. We're in the same campsite we were in on our last visit a couple of weeks ago. We want to see if we can see any baby snakes from the hole the mom snake dug out on our last visit. It is quite foggy here. Setting up the camp is easy since it only involves disconnecting the toad. Lou and Dawn enjoyed a walk in the rain.

Lou Enjoying Sunset Beach
We drove down to the day use beach area and took a walk on the beach. The rain had stopped. Since it had rained, the sand was easy to walk on being quite firm. Unfortunately, the fog is likely to put a crimp in our solar power generation and our generator is still in bad shape. I do hope the sun returns.

No snakes to be seen. It is a bit wet and foggy for snakes though.

We had Dawn's baked macaroni and pepperjack and cheddar cheeses withe some fresh spinach that Lou fixed for dinner. The spinach was interesting because it was steamed with some olive oil that had been in a bottle with beau cheese.

We watched several episodes of CSI:Crime Scene Investigators from the DVD set Dawn found for me.

Monday: (05/04) It may be sunny or much less overcast today. Oh boy!

Lou returned to Santa Clara for a doctor's appointment in the morning. Dawn and I worked in the RV with a great view while Lou was away. When Lou returned, we all went to Watsonville for lunch and a look around. We then went on up to Santa Cruz and Dawn checked the book stores, Lou the thrift shop and I checked the streets.

We returned home to Sunset Beach for dinner of my sauerkraut potatoes and Italian sausage.

Tuesday: (05/05) It hasn't been good snake viewing weather. It rained all night and will likely continue today. It's still a nice place to be just a little more wet and cool than planned. We're headed home today, an hour away.

I fixed my usual breakfast muffins (eggs, European bologna , and cheese). About 11am Lou and Dawn headed off on Highway 129 to San Jose.

New Brighton Beach
I hung around a while and departed about noon. I headed North toward Capitola to the New Brighten State Beach. This is the only State park in these parts with a dump station. a nice one. I then stopped in the Day Use Area and looked all around the park. We've never stayed here before primarily because of the need to make reservations. We'll have to make some reservations and try the park out. It looks quite nice. I had a chicken pot pie for lunch before heading home sometime after 2:30pm.

We're home again for a little while. Lou has her knee surgery on the 15 and we'll probably hang around home until the 25th or so. Our plans are indefinite.

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