Saturday, May 23, 2009

Rosie The Riviter NHP

We were up early, and off to Richmond to the Rosie the Riviter/Workld War II Home Front National Historic Park for a tour. We knew about the ship building in the bay area but haven't been to Richmond before.

Ranger Elizabeth Marion Wynn Worked In The Shipyard As A Welder
This was one ofthe Henry Kaiser Shipyards and home of the original Kaiser Hospital and PPO medical plan. there is a lot about women workers during the war. There isn't a lot there and it's scattered all over town and the waterfront but it is interesting and will be nice when they get it organized. You have to call to arrange the tours. Ranger Elizabeth Tucker was assisted by student ranger Miguel Dimas. There were also three other docents on the tour Marion Wynn, a lady who was a welder building  the ships here, another ranger and a volunter. Then there were about nine of us visitors.

Rosie The Riveter Memorial Bow Of The Red Oak Victory Ship
There was also a Ford plant there that built jeeps and outfitted tanks. Quite  a busy place considering there were just mud flats there before the war.

One thing they are trying to do is to get people to see their connection to the site. In our case no known direct connection. My dad served before WWI but a couple of uncles on my mothers side served on ships during WWII so maybe one of these was theirs?

After the tour, we went over to Point Richmond, a village near the old shipyard for lunch at Annie's mexican Grill. Very good.

We returned home and rested up from our early start. Lou and Dawn went down to San Jose to see a play. They have season tickets to a San Jose theater group. I remained home and baked another rhubarb pie and more tarts and created more leftovers by making a big batch of hash.

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