Sunday, May 24, 2009

San Francisco Carnival 2009

Sunday: (05/24) I was off early to San Francisco's Mission District for the Carnival Parade. I drove up to San Bruno to catch Bart (Bay Area Rapid Transit) the rest of the way. Parking is always a problem in San Francisco and worse during events and parking at BART is free on the weekends. There is a station right at the parade site. I arrived about 20 minutes early and stopped in the Sun Rise Restaurant on 24th Street for a breakfast burrito and a horchata, all very good.

Flapper Dancers Samba Dancers
The weather was quite cool and a little drippy due to low clouds or high fog but not too bad. isn't this the unofficial start of summer?  The crowds were much smaller so the sidewalks were easier to navigate. For some reason the parade contingents seemed fewer but the parade lasted just as long (4 hours).

My favorite group was the Nueva Carnival Circus. They had a large (about 30 member) steel drum band. I like steel drums. In years past, there has been a large steel drum band from Chabot College called the Panhandlers but this year the group looked quite different. this year is the Nueva School, a private k-8 school in Hillsbourough. the group leader teaches/taught at Chabot, hence the reason for the sam look and sound. I was even more pleased when I heard there soloist singer. The old panhandlers were well known nationwide and recorded several CD's. I hope this group does some recordings as well.
See a short video of the steel drummers

While I was gone having fun, Lou wasn't. She thought her leg was too cool so our neighbor Eric took her to the emergency room for a check. Evidently her leg swelled a little and caused the coolness. She was scolded for sitting for too long of periods and not elevating her leg often enough. She's been having too much fun till now. She finished up there as I got home so I went to pick her up.

Dawn got to spend some time at home, alone, without either of use bugging her.

Dinner was leftover hash and fresh asparagus. i spent the evening working on labeling photes from the past month so there is hope I'll get some posted here on the blog soon.

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