Saturday, May 16, 2009

Summer-Like Days

Saturday: (05/16) We all had breakfast in the yard. English muffins with PB&J served with a side of sliced roast beef. Lou's moving pretty good but does have some pain. All the beasts (birds and squirrels) had breakfast with us. It's another nice day though it is warming and will get hot later today.

It was was a relaxing day at home since we're all recovering with Lou.

I fixed more roast beef for dinner, butter beans topped with pepperjack cheese, and a green salad with salsa as the dressing. It was very good though it was a little awkward eating it in front of so many guests. Lou collected many visitors in the RV while I was fixing dinner in the house. Four guests plus the three of us filled our little RV.

Sunday: (05/17) Breakfast was leftover sausage gravy on toast topped with, of course, cheese. Lou's moving around and feels much better but is somewhat restrained an mostly resting an letting things knit for a couple of day as directed.

Today is a scorcher, over 100 degrees, rather hot for us bayside folk. I ventured out to the market for a few things. I returned with Lou's favorite lunch, #21 Chow Fun Noodles from Luu Noodles in Mountain View.

Dawn was off to Spangenberg Theater with her friend to see the Capitol Steps, a political comedy group.   

Monday: (05/18) Don McMuffins for breakfast. I did a little weeding, little being the operative word, just the essentials in the rear lawn. I also fixed the blinker switch on the toad. It wouldn't cancel anymore. It had a loose screw and a missing screw which when fixed now worked perfectly.

Lou was itching to get out of the house so we went out to The Olive Garden for lunch of the endless soup and salad. We then went up to Hillsdale Mall. in San Mateo. That was far enough out of the house and good exercise for me pushing her around much of the time in the wheelchair.

Dinner was spaghetti squash and my famous spaghetti sauce.

Tuesday: (05/19) Egg Muffins ala Don for breakfast, enjoyed in the yard. Dawn headed home to San Jose for work. Lou and I dropped her off then did a little grocery shopping. At Knob Hill Market. We normally do major shopping at Safeway but decided to try something new. Lou does enjoy shopping now that she can use the electric carts. While she can move around on her own, there’s no need for here to wear herself out on one task like shopping. Other shoppers are in grave danger when she’s moving though.

I prepared little pork chops, rice, and artichokes for dinner as well as prepared a bunch of sausage for the freezer.

Wednesday: (05/20) We enjoyed more of my egg muffins for breakfast in the backyard.

Lou Recovering In The YArd
Lou enjoyed getting out into the yard. I did a little work in the flower beds pulling weeds and  such to fill the compost bin enough to make it worth putting out to be picked up later today.

Dawn's Newt
When I was cleaning out the flower bed in the back yard to plant the shrubs i found a new newt, almost legless when found. Now the thing has legs.

New Leisure Travel RV Used Alpine Motorhome
A little after 11am, I went over to Pleasanton to an RV show to look around. I do like to look. Not too much there. A dozen or so dealers, mostly trailers. I did like the Leisure Travel  Free Spirit, a small RV built on a big Sprinter chassis. It would make a nice toad. It’s the only RV of the type (Roadtrek, Pleasure Van) that has a big enough bathroom to take a shower. Too expensive at $89k. I also saw a very nice 2 year old Alpine motorhome, a mid door diesel in excellent shape. Fortunately, there were no salesman to be seen and I didn’t learn the price.

While I was out I looked around nearby venturing out to Livermore for a look around before heading back home. A very nice town though it’s a bunch hotter than home. One thing that is really enjoyable is that there are no freeways in town, just I580 on the other side of the hills from town, in the city limits but nowhere near the quaint town.

Lou enjoyed the day relaxing at home without any of use to bother her.

Dinner was leftovers (rice, artichokes) with some corned beef Lou had made.

Thursday: (05/21) We all went to Subway for breakfast. Lou likes their chipolte wraps. Unfortunately, evidently they were not a success. They were no longer on the menu so we settled on the chipolte breakfast sandwich instead.   It’s been a while since we visited the place. After breakfast we continued on to Walmart for Lou. To enjoy some exercise and to pick up a few things. I also had to return an inverter I had bought there a couple of days ago. No workie, no tickie.

We returned home and each did out own things. Dawn making more saurkraught, low making dolls and me at the computer. I made another attempt at trying to make the DSL work. It’s been off for a week and 1 half. I really don’t miss it but Lou and Dawn do so before I cancel ATT service and order Comcast DSL I’m trying once more. This time I tried using their live chat feature since using the phone for support hasn’t worked. I did get the new account registered, something neither the previous contacts or email messages had mentioned. Of course that’s part of the problem. When the account changed, the old account which has a username and password associated with it was no longer god for service. It’s programmed in the modem so needs to be updated with the new username and password generated today. However, there is still the problem of reprogramming the 10 year old modem.  I am really not interested in buying a new modem but haven’t yet been able to get in to the modem to update it. Finding the manual was difficult enough but it doesn’t help. Maybe the modem is dead if so, bye bye ATT. Cable is faster and cheaper anyway. No success yet.

Friday: (05/22) Egg Muffins with pork strips for breakfast. After breakfast we dropped by Walmart's to return a defective inverter. Lou picked up a bunch of flower seeds. She must be feeling better.

I tinkered at the computer much of the day.

About 7:15pm we headed over to Gunn High School for a One Act Play Festival. They were all very good. One was a collection of Abbot and Costello vaudeville skits including the baseball skit. There was also a one act musical, the Udder Boy. They do very good musicals.

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