Sunday, May 31, 2009

Maker Faire

Sunday: (05/31) Breakfast was toasted English muffins.

We went North to San Mateo fairgrounds to the Maker Faire. The fair is a show of do-it-yourself stuff, inventions, and crafts. It is much bigger and much better than the San Mateo fair. There was a big crowd which included an awful lot of people with exotic hair (orange, green, blue, etc). We're not sure why? Maybe it's the inventive nature.  It was very interesting seeing all the good and bad ideas. We had some Caribbean rice bowls for lunch at the show.

After the show we stopped at Heidi's pie for dinner. I had a breakfast omlette with pancakes. Lou and Dawn had chicken. Unfortunately, there was no room for pie which is very good there. That's why we should always start with desert.

Later in the evening Lou noticed a fire truck outside. It turns out there were several trucks and some police. A garage and fence had caught fire about a block away and thre was a lot of smoke in the air. Nothing serious but always exciting to see the lights.

Inside one of the buildings at Maker Faire Lou and Dawn at one of the booths at the Maker Faire
This was a big faire. Lou and Dawn enjoyed learning about all sorts of things.

Grinding a telescope lens An Electrolux ray gun
Chabot college nearby has a telescope making group which had a display. Not a tiny telescope lens being ground. the lens is the bottom round object. On the right is an Electrolux ray gun. There were lots of similar art pieces.

Part of a VERY large clock
Part of a very large clock being built.

An innovative homemade RV Portable solar power system
Of course, there were some RV related items as well. A very nice home made truck RV camper made from carbon fiber. Also a portable solar electric system. Easy to align to the direction of the sun.

A compact two person electric bike A quartet bike
A conpact two peron electric bike and a quartet push-me /pull-you bike.

A solar powered touring bike A sit down homemade segway like personal transporter
A solar powered touring bike and a sit down home-made Segway like personal transporter.

Gas generator using walnut shells Hit/miss engine powered by walnut shells running a generator
A walnut gas generator running a hit or miss engine powering a generator. This is really providing for your own needs.

Big boy robot wars
Some of the big robots were busy practicing their fighting maneuvers for future robot wars.

Part of the worlds  largest mouse trap A three story Victorian vehicle ala Jules Verne
Part of the world's biggest mousetrap. The end result is the safe on the left of the picture falls on the mouse. It's a real safe and really shook the ground when it hit the mouse. There was also a Jules Verne inspired three story Victorian "motor home".

A Tesla Electric vehicle
Even a couple of the Tesla electric sports cars were there, one complete and the other an exposed chassis.

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