Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Weird Weather

Wednesday: (05/06) Lou had a pre-op doctor visit this morning so she was off early. Dawn was busy preparing a job application. I was "busy" working at the computer. Some day I'll learn how it works and accomplish something.

We went over to the Whole Food market for dinner sharing a Santa Rosa sandwich and some chili.

It was overcast and cool to cold all day. This cold snap is because I changed to my shorts from long pants as we left this past weekend. That assured cool weather. I may have to give up trying. As soon as it does warm up, it will then be too hot. Can't we just have perfect weather?

Thursday: (05/07) Burritos for breakfast. Lou used some leftover roast, some soy meal that Dawn used to make soy milk, and added eggs and onions. Leftovers are so good. My complaining seemed to work. it's a nice day today. We enjoyed our breakfast outside.

We played in the yard much of the morning. I moved the berry plants that Lou and Dawn potted in February out of the area where the new shop will be built. It's amazing how if you clear a space, stuff collects in it.

Dawn made sun choke soup for dinner.

Friday: (05/08) Strawberry short cake for breakfast. Dawn baked some nice short cakes. We all worked in the garden in the morning. We finally got the avocado tree planted. It's been in a pot of planter for more than 10 years and finally got a home. dawn planted it from a seed. I also planted a couple of camellia bushes that have been in pots since we moved here almost 20 years ago. Dawn potted her asparagus plans.

Lunch was leftover sauerkraut potatoes and sausage. Dinner was broiled ribs, baked potatoes and corn.

Saturday: (05/09) Breakfast was pastries. Lou and i went over to Home Depot for planter mix this morning. I stole all that we had for the planting of the two camellias and the avocado tree yesterday. Dawn needs more to plant her crab apple tree and I have more plants to get in the ground as well.

Dawn went to the PowWow at Stanford University this morning. She alos was busy backing some bread.

After the Pow-Wow, We all went to Mountain View for the City garage sale at Rengstrorff Park. Lou found a nice leather catalog case for her doll crafts for a $1.

Newly Planted Flower Bed Shrubs
When we got home, had lunch, and I had a nice long nap, I finished planting a couple of more camellia bushes and a lemon tree. Now all the plants that have been in planters in the rear flower beds for years are finally in the ground. Dawn got her crab apple tree planed as well.

Lou fixed wieners with steamed cabbage and onions for dinner.

Sunday: (05/10) Mothers Day. Breakfast was biscuits and gravy. About 11am, we headed South toward Gilroy. We visited a couple of thrift stores and looked around the "Discount" Mall stores. About 7pm we met Ernie at the Garlic Farm Truck Stop and went over to the Long House Restaurant for dinner. It was a short visit, only a couple of licks from Ernie's doggies. We made it home around 10pm.

Ernie brought a load to Gilroy from Oregon

I'd better get a card prepared! We'll be headed down to Gilroy to meet my brother Ernie for dinner and do a little shopping at the "discount" mall and Camping World.

Monday: (05/11) We enjoyed morning tea in the yard. I tinkered on a few of the ever growing todo list items.  Lou and I went grocery shopping this afternoon. Dawn checked the main library.

I stayed up late to bake a pie. I bought fresh rhubarb the other day and it's getting older so has to be baked into the pie I've been deferring for a while. About 10pm I started and finished baking the pie and a bunch of tarts by midnight. Should make a good breakfast.

Tuesday: (05/12) I got up earlier to prepare for an 11am dentist appointment. Fortunately, I did because they called about 8:45 to ask me to come in right away. I was finished with the Dentist by 9:45. Of course, I had to defer breakfast due to the rush but I made up for it for lunch. When I got home I acted the chauffeur and took Dawn to the train and Lou to Tap Plastics in Mountain View. When we got home it was time for lunch which was actually a late breakfast of home fires with red peppers, onions and garlic with Italian sausage and eggs. Worth the wait.

Today, the move of our home phone number to Vonage was completed. No more wired home phone, just DSL remaining. Simultaneously, our DSL line went down. We have a good network connection but can't connect to anything which also brings our Vonage connection down. Just ATT messing with us. Looks like their DNS server is down. Odd. I'll give it a chance to self heal then start complaining.

Wednesday: (05/13) We had leftovers for breakfast. Variety is the spice of life as are our leftovers. Lou went on an errand to deliver surplus books to the book seller for Dawn and to see Kaiser. I tried to get our now nonfunctioniong Internet DSL line working. I only tried, three calls the first two got dropped I hung up on the third. The second call was going well with a competent service rep who took more than 10 minutes to look up the information on my 10 year old DSl model that has worked fine until this recent change to a DSL only line at home dropping the voice phone line. When that became effextive yeaterday morning our Intwrnet connection disappeared. that wasn't the intent. The reason i hung up on the third service rep is that he was a total boob, sayin i needed to replace my model because the flashing red light meant it was bad. This was determined without even checking the modem type and error code indicators, for which a flashing red light simly means no DSL connection. Of course there's no connection. they messed it up. It's worked perfectly for 10 years until rattled and broken by ATT. Now they want me to replace a perfectly good modem, at my cost, because they don't know how it works. That's their problem as far as I'm concerned. I may try again tomorrow and I may just cancel the service and join the cable DSL service. I dislike ATT anyway, that's why the cancellation of the voice line. This doesn't even begin to make me happier. Am I too picky? i reconfigured the home internet to use the HughesNet from the RV for now but the Vonage phone won't work with that and there seems to be a problem there as well. I hope that fix goes better.

Lou came home and saved me from ripping out the phone line by inviting me out to lunch. We went to IKEA to look around and had their $7.99 Wednesday babyback rib special. Didn't know they had ribs. They were very good, and the view from their cafeteria is nice as well overlooking Santa Clara Valley from tree top level on the third floor.

Thursday: (05/14) Dawn fixed some sauteed veggies for breakfast. Lou and Dawn took a trip to San Jose for an appointment and some thrift store visiting.

I moved the Vonage phone adapter to the RV. It connected up through HughesNet and that fixed the problem of receiving calls via the house number to the cell phones. I'm not sure why though, I guess the two methods of forwarding are different enough for the connection problem or the simul-ring that simul-ring workes better? As part of the setup, i used the vonage phone through Huighsnet to setup the new line and record a message. i also tested using it for a call and all went well, nice clear calls. I've haven't used Vonage in the RV for several years, couldn't use it with the old modems for the past few years because of the slow down of the modems and possibly because Hughes blocked the ports they use? In either case, it worked pretty well today. I haven't tried a real call to a landline yet but since it worked to record the message it should work for a call as well. Guess they unblocked the ports or some of the reports I've seen were in error.

Dinner was late at Carrow's restaurant. Lou couldn't eat after mignight due to her knee surgery in the morning so she's shortened the gap by eating late. Unfortunately, the reason she wanted to go to Carrow's was for her favorite dinner, prime rid. They were out by the time we ordered so plan "B" a steak for Lou. I like their pot roast sandwich and Dawn had a hamburger.

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