Saturday, September 22, 2012

A Bag Here And A Bag There

Saturday: (09/22) I had donuts for breakfast. of course, Lou and Dawn didn't, they had cereal. I don't take this gluten free diet to the extreme. After all, donuts do call to me. Of course there were garage sales to go to for Lou and Dawn. I worked on the pad for Lou's shed bringing it to final level. With that done, I started collecting material, mostly concrete bags for the floor. For lunch Lou and I went to LUU Noodle House and shared a combination chow fun meal. More concrete trips in the afternoon. I can only haul 12 bags at a time in the Jeep and I need 85 bags in all. I now have 52, enough to start when the forms are ready.  I still need to get the material for that tomorrow. Leftover salmon and rice with some roma tomatoes from the garden for dinner.

Sunday: (09/23) Except for a trip to Home Depot for some rebar and dobbies I did little today. Nice to relax. Breakfast at the Country Gormet restaurant in Mountain View. I had some excellent corned beef hash and Lou and Dawn shared a salmon omelet. Lunch was a grilled cheese and sausage sandwich and chili rellenos from the garden. BBQ ribs with baked  fries and sauted mushrooms.  

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