Thursday, September 20, 2012

End Of An Era

92 Volvo Last Day 92 Volvo Last Day
Thursday: (09/20) Lou and I took the last of our Volvo 240 wagons to the recycle yard this morning. The State was nice enough to pay us to do it.

92 Volvo Last Day 92 Volvo Last Day
The 92 was still pretty good mechanically and had only 194k miles on it. About half the miles we had on the 87 that we disposed of a couple of months ago. But it was ready to fall apart. We are now down to a more sensible number of vehicles, especially since I didn't add the Tiger a couple of days ago.

Lou and I had breakfast at Denny's while we waited for them to cut the check. i had the Lumberjack Slam and Lou had a custom Slam. We returned and Lou took Dawn to the dentist.

Wilton Pottery Shed Floor Wilton Walkway
I worked in the backyard stripping the forms, back filling where the forms were, and tamping the base rock. I also cleared the area where I'll be working next. I have some leftover baserock so I'll prepare a home for it soon by digging out for some more sidewalk to be. I want to get the rock off the driveway before we leave.

Lunch was leftover pot roast and dinner was salmon and rice.

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