Saturday, September 8, 2012

Continuing On

Saturday: (09/08) Nice day. Lou and Dawn were off to rummage, garage and who knows what sales this morning. Breakfast was leftovers. I had ham and pepper salad. I tinkered with the sprinklers hooking up another sprinkler by the walkway. More leftovers for lunch, blintzes and sausage. Leftovers for dinner.

Sunday: (09/09) Bacon eggs and hashbrowns for breakfast. Dawn was off to the library to help the Friends Of The Library with their sale. Lou and I were off to the San Jose fairgrounds for a home show. Nothing interesting to be seen. We had a late lunch at LUU Noodle House in downtown San Jose. I had egg rolls and an avocado smoothie. Lou had pad Thai. On our way home we stopped by our friends Conne and Terry's place for a short visit. Dinner was a Chinese stir fry and noodle concoction.

Raccoon Tracks
(09/10) Above raccoon tracks show we had garden visitors by last night. We had a late free breakfast at IKEA. Lou picked up some new Venetian blinds for the living room at Home Depot next door. I dropped them off and went down to San Jose to a Health Plan orientation for our health care. Nice to check every once in a while to be sure you've selected the best plan for your needs. On the way home I stopped for lunch at Mr Chow's Chinese fast food restaurant in Santa Clara. Dinner was stuffed bell peppers with baked potatoes and corn on the cob.

Tuesday: (09/11) Nothing significant accomplished today. I tinkered in the office. I decided to make a claim for the RV repair with our insurance company so I started that process. Lou was out much of the day with an appointment and doing some shopping. She started replacing the Venetian blinds in the living room as well. French toast and sausage for breakfast. Leftover Chinese stir fry for lunch. Shepherd's pie for dinner.

Wednesday:(09/12) Lou and Dawn were off for some appointments and more shopping and thrifting. I tinkered at home in the morning. I got a phone call from our insurance adjuster that said the accident wasn't covered because we didn't have collision insurance. Interesting, I thought we did. Further research discovered the fact that I did have it until 7 days before the accident. At about that time I had received a notice from the DMV that there was no insurance on the RV. The insurance company had mistakenly entered the incorrect Vin number for the RV. I called the insurance company and they restored the coverage but mistakenly didn't reapply the collision insurance. I called them back and they are doing some research themselves to see why they didn't add it back. It will be interesting to see what the result is with a claim in the waiting. Now I know why that tree root attacked the RV. The fact it wasn't insured made it inevitable. That is why, when I hike, I'm always prepared for getting lost and having to spend a few days lost. The day I don't go prepared will be the day I get lost. So, I'm waiting for word with at least some hope. I decided to take a ride on the bus for lunch at the Hometown Buffet. Since Lou and Dawn can't eat there anymore and they are busy all day today with appointments, I took advantage of the opportunity and went to lunch. Dinner was cottage cheese and fruit.

Thursday:(09/13) I had intended to start working in the backyard on the walkway but since I haven't been working on it due to my back for quite a while, the clay soil had turned solid like concrete so I added some water to soften it up. Of course that will take a little while to work so no more work today. Another day off. I accomplished nothing of significance today. A little tinkering on the computer. Eggs, fried potatoes and sausage for breakfast. Leftover beef stroganoff for lunch. More leftovers for dinner.

Friday:(09/14) We started our day with an early shopping trip for groceries visiting Walmart, The Milk Pale, Trader Joe's and Safeway. I tinkered in the back yard most of the rest of the day. Lou trimmed her hair and tinkered as well. Spinach mushroom omelet for breakfast. Baked potato, asparagus and stuffed bell peppers for dinner.

Saturday:(09/15) I was busy all day working on my walkway project. I placed the gotextile fabric and installed some conduit before move a lot of the base rock into the hole. Lou was busy cleaning the house and visiting estate sales and home demolition sales with Dawn. In the evening we all went over to IKEA for a walk as well as visiting Home Depot for some drain pipe. I had a repeat of what was for dinner last night for breakfast. Left over stuffed bell pepper with a baked potato. For Lunch Lou made fish sandwiches with avocado. Dinner was BBQ ribs with oven roasted French "fries."

Sunday: (09/16) Another day working at the rock pile. I installed all the drain pipes and moved more base rock in to the final level. Breakfast was fresh strawberry pancakes. Ham, pepper and tomato salad for lunch. Green salad with spaghetti squash and mizratha cheese.

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