Friday, September 7, 2012

Tarwater Loop Trail

Friday: (09/07) I prepared my Don McMuffins for breakfast this morning using some gluten free muffins Lou baked. Lou and Dawn were off early shopping at Walmart before the crowds arrived. I was off on a hike.

Trailhead Info SJ Midweek Hikers On Tarwater Trail
The hike was on the Tarwatwer Loop Trail at Pescadero Creek County Park. This is the first hike I posted and led with my San Jose Mid-week hikers Meetup Group. We had seven hikers bold enough to follow me.

Trailhead Info
Along the way we stopped to see a giant old growth redwood tree that looks like a huge saguaro cactus with it's arms.

Old Shingle Mill By Tarwater Trail Boiler At Old Shingle Mill On Tarwater Traill
We also stopped by an old shingle mill ruins.

Bob Fording Pescadero Creek Michie By Tall Grass On Bridge Trail
While we didn't have to ford the Pescadero Creek, some of us did. On the right above there were some nice tassels on some huge grasses.

Old barn By Tarwater Loop Trail
An interesting old barn along the trail. I managed not to loose any hikers and we all enjoyed the hike.

I had a bowl of chili with a sausage for lunch. My afternoon task was to tinker at the computer. One task was to get some of these photos posted on the blog. The blog now has photos for the past month. For dinner we had roast chicken brussel sprouts and grilled onions.

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