Monday, September 17, 2012

Considering A Tiger XL Adoption

Monday: (09/17) I intended to get started early today, just to be different. When I checked my email, I noticed a message from the Tiger Motor Home Users Group, which I follow. Old Tiger XL motorhomes are small full featured class C motorhomes that are 16 feet long, ideal for getting into campgrounds. We almost drove to Denver about a year ago when one was available there. Anyway, one in good condition that is all wheel drive, as well, appeared on the user group. I called about it and will be seeing it tomorrow. It's about 80 miles East of LA. So Ernie and I are on our way South to look at it. We'll be stopping for dinner in Bakersfield with our Aunt Helen, then on closer to the meet up in Redlands.

Lous Shed Foundation Baserock Wilton Walkway Baserock Retaining Wall
So, I only had a little work that needed to be done. Ernie and I poured the concrete for the edge of the walkway this morning.

Leftover Baserock
We were through by 10am. For breakfast I made sausage, fried potatoes and eggs. Lou made shrimp tacos for lunch. We didn't get away until 3:30 so arrived in Bakersfield for a late dinner at Bill Lee's Bamboo Chopsticks Restaurant about 8pm.

After our dinner we continued on to Redlands for the night.

Tiger XL 199 Tiger XL 199
Tuesday: (09/18) We were up early and enjoyed the wonderful free breakfast that the motel furnished. We met the motorhome owner a little before 9am and looked the motorhome over thoroughly including a test drive.

Tiger XL 199 Tiger XL 199
After the examination I decided not to get it, even though it was a nice RV. It's age and some things that it needed to have done would have made it a major effort. I have enough to do for now. The opportunity will probably not occur again but the decision was probably the best.

Ernie and I had lunch at Famous Dave's. Texas beef brisket. We returned to Bakersfield via Palmdale. For dinner, Helen took us to Dewar's Ice Cream Parlor. Ice cream for dinner, what could be better? We continued our return trip arriving home about 10:30. A fast trip of almost 900 miles in about 36 hours.

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