Friday, November 2, 2012

Long Ridge Open Space Preserve Trek

Friday: (11/02) Lou did her usual early Friday morning Walmart and grocery shopping run. I had one of my Don McMuffins for breakfast.

Long Ridge OSP Long Ridge OSP Pond
I met my Meetup hiking group up on Skyline Road at the Long Ridge Open Space Preserve. I was leading another hike. I had warned my fellow hikers that I hadn't been on this hike before so we could get a little lost but should make our way back. The area was very nice, even nicer than I had expected and I had hiked portions of today's trails 10-15 years ago. Here is a GPS track of the hike.

Long Ridge OSP Banana Slug Long Ridge OSP Deer
Above left is a fellow hiker, a banana slug. Other hikers were the several deer we saw.

Long Ridge OSP
Here are most of my fellow hikers, Michie, Bob, Ava, Loretta, Me, and Peter. Sharon took the picture. The hike was 7.13 miles which we hiked in 3 hours 20 minutes. We had an elevation change of 656 feet and with a total climb of 2070 feet. I didn't loose any hikers.

Lou made chili rellenos for lunch. Our peppers are doing well. I worked on the walkway project installing the sprinkler pipes along the walkway. Lou was busy washing the Hyundai and making a recycled bottle and can run.

For dinner Lou made eggrolls.

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