Sunday, November 24, 2013

Looking At Hiking Gear

Sunday: (11/24) Leftover chorizo scrambled eggs for breakfast. We headed out about 11am and stopped at Ann’s Restaurant in Menlo Park for lunch. I had a Chicken bacon sandwich and Lou and Dawn shared some lamp chops. After lunch we dropped Dawn off in Redwood City to look around while Lou and I stopped by Redwood Trading Company, a hiking shop in Redwood City then Stopped by REI in San Carlos. I was just looking at what is available for light hiking. Not much at either of these store. It looks like to get light backpacking equipment you heed to look online. Lou did find a pair of shoes at Redwood Supply. For dinner we stopped at Chavez market in Redwood City for a couple of Super Nachos to go.

I’ve now got a list of four things to do to prepare for a Pacific Crest Trail Through Hike:

  • See if I can, in fact, sleep on a sleeping pad.

  • See if I can walk 15 miles a day for several consecutive days.

  • Take a backpacking class.

  • Loose 30 pounds. This means I won’t notice the weight of the backpack.

I may try the hike this coming April. If I only do a section or more and don’t complete the entire through hike in one year, at least I’ll have started the hike with a section or two checked off and I’ll be ready to backpack other hikes, possibly not as ambitious.

Seems like all the hikers have a trail name. I think I’ll be “Moob” unless I think of a better one soon.

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