Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Watching San Francisco

China Town Subway Construction

Wednesday: (11/06) I took today off from work for a walk-about in San Francisco. I caught the 0730 train to the city and walked downtown. I usually don’t have a destination for these walk-abouts. Each corner becomes a decision point for the trip.

MOMA Crane Erection, just the winch house

MOMA Crane Erection, first part of boom going on

I didn’t do far before I saw a truck with a tower crane section on it parked on the street. That made me think they might be erection a crank somewhere near. They were. The San Francisco Museum Of Modern Art building is being remodeled and they were raising the tower crane for the project. I love to watch other people work especially doing something I’d like to do or need to learn.

MOMA Crane Erection, off loading part of crane boom

MOMA Crane Erection, second part of boom
A job like this doesn’t go fast so I spent quite a bit of time just hanging around the site and returning to it. A little walk through China Town and the Marina District and a bus ride through other unexplored sections of town filled what little of the day wasn’t occupied watching the crane. I arrived back in Palo Alto at 2030 on the train. A maple bar for breakfast. A chicken pot pie from the Cravery pie shop for lunch. A chili relleno plat with a slice of rhubarb pie at the Creamery for dinner.

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