Thursday, November 7, 2013

Painting Season About To End

Thursday: (11/07) I drove down to San Jose early. I made a couple of stops along the way. Smart And Final for some detergent, best location to get the unusual gentle and free version. Also stopped at Orchard Hardware for some screws, washers, and a piece of sheet metal to use for flashing. I didn’t like the way the roofers flashed the front porch gutters. And then I stopped for breakfast at Burger King, a sausage croissant sandwich. And with all that, I still pulled up at the house in San Jose by 0800. I sanded my spackling, vacuumed and brushed everything and finally caulked all the gaps and cracks. I finished caulking right about 1700 as it was getting dark. Possibly some primer paint tomorrow. Hopefully the clouds don’t turn in to rain yet, even though we desperately need rain. Lunch was a ham and cheese sandwich with some carrots. For dinner, leftover spaghetti and wieners with some rice pudding.

Friday: (11/08) I was up at 0700 for a visit to Home Depot for more primer. It was quite foggy out. I returned some things before picking up my primer and more caulk. On the way home I stopped for a breakfast burrito at La Victoria Restaurant. By 0800 the fog was gone and the sun shining though the roof was still a bit wet. I started my painting by putting a little around the vent opening I modified. I wanted to get two coats on that today. Then I was up on the roof. By noon I had finished one side of the top. I had a ham and cheese sandwich for lunch. Then back on the roof to finish up there then down to the scaffolds for the lower side sections. All now has it’s first coat. It all needs at least one more coat and some of the redwood will need three. Our forecast now calls for rain next Wednesday and probably more fog until then. Might make for interesting painting. After working quite a while to get all the paint off of me, I was off to Palo Alto via a dinner at the Hometown Buffet.

Car Fire near our car In Santa Cruz

Saturday: (11/09) Dawn wanted to go to Santa Cruz to the bookstores downtown there so I drove her over. The Santa Cruz Book  store is outstanding and there is also Logo’s bookstore. We also visited a thrift store. We had lunch at the 99 Bottles Of Beer bar sharing a blackened chicken super nacho and a glass of hard cider. In the evening we took a walk at the Beach and Boardwalk Amusement Park and a walk on the pier where we had bowls of clam chowder for dinner. Granola for breakfast.

Methuselah Tree on Skyline Road

Sunday: (11/10) Dawn’s birthday today. Grocery shopping was delayed from Friday due to my working Friday and our trip yesterday. She bought herself a Google Chromecast dongle as her birthday present. We all went downtown for lunch. Lou and I took a drive up in the hills so I could look over some potential trails for future hikes, It was just a drive-by to see available parking and trail connections from different parks. It’s no fun to help everyone get lost when I lead a hike. Dawn made apple Dutch babies for breakfast. Lunch at the Crepevine in downtown Palo Alto. I had a great club sandwich, Lou and Dawn shared a salmon crepe, Ernie had spaghetti and Courtney had chicken soup. Lunch lasted, I had yogurt for dinner.

Monday: (11/11) I put on a second coat of primer paint today. The weather was good all day, even though a storm was supposed to be coming in for rain tomorrow? Eggs, sausage, and toast for breakfast. Chicken and cheese sandwich for lunch with lemon Greek yogurt. Chicken pot pie for dinner.

Left side view of house with primer coat

Right side view of house with primer coat

Tuesday: (11/12) I put the third coat of primer on today. I think it finally sealed the redwood. There is one troublesome spot that may need more attention, it has five coats now. And this is the best primer for sealing redwood. You would think the 100 year old redwood would get tired of leaching it’s color through paint. I think I’ll be able to put some color on tomorrow. The weather was cloudy but the rain never made it to town.  Eggs, sausage, and toast for breakfast. Chicken with asparagus and a baked potato followed by some grapes for lunch. Spaghetti with asparagus for dinner with more grapes for desert.

View of house with the color coat on.

My new pants

Wednesday: (11/13) I put the first coat of color paint on today. I finished on the roof and it was only 1200, earlier than normal so I just had a snack and returned to paint the lower areas on either side of the porch. I finished at 1340, put everything away, showered and had lunch. It looks pretty good. This is my last work day this week. I’ll be busy with Lou tomorrow and Friday. Dawn was in San Jose for a meeting so I picked her up and returned to Palo Alto. Granola for breakfast. Yogurt for lunch at 1200. Baked beans and wieners for lunch at 1345. Dinner at Chili’s Restaurant. I had CFS while Lou and Dawn had garlic chipolte steaks.

Thursday: (11/14) I took Lou to the Hospital for an appointment. While she was there I was off to breakfast at the Country Inn for a wild mushroom omelet with Swedish pancakes. I then dashed off to a dentist appointment to get my teeth cleaned. All’s well. I then visited Harbor Freight, looked around and bought some things I needed and some things I wanted. That’s often the case when visiting a toy store like Harbor Freight. For lunch I had a chicken sandwich at Jack In The Box. It wasn’t what I ordered but it was good. Then I waited for Lou and returned her home. Dawn was out for a walk about Palo Alto but had started Jerusalem Artichoke soup in the slow cooker before he left. She harvested the Jerusalem Artichoke from the yard this morning. When she came home we had the soup for dinner.

Friday: (11/15) We dropped Dawn off at Barnes and Nobles bookstore nearby and I took Lou to an appointment. We  then stopped by Hometown Buffet for lunch before returning home. We raided the fridge for leftover dinners. I had some cheese bread for my dinner.

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